Future Fertility Launches First AI Image Analysis Tool to Evaluate Women’s Eggs

Patented AI machine Violet & software component predicts successful egg fertilization with 90% accuracy

TORONTO, April 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Future Fertility Inc, an AI biotech startup focusing on reproductive innovation has developed a non-invasive image analysis tool to evaluate a woman’s eggs. Its patent-pending AI machine, ‘Violet’ (U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Application Serial No.: 163626), a hybrid hardware / software platform that can be used with any standard light microscope inside the IVF labcan instantaneously analyze the quality (grade) of an egg and can already predict successful fertilization with 90% accuracy based on a single image. The company believes that the diagnostic and predictive tool will become essential for women undergoing social egg freezing and IVF.

Currently, there are established classification systems based on visual assessment to evaluate sperm (semen analysis) and embryos (embryo grading). It may not be common knowledge, even to patients that have undergone fertility treatment, but there is no equivalent classification system for the eggs. Women undergoing social egg freezing have no real feedback on the quality of the eggs they’re storing, and their counseling is based on historical records dependent on the patients’ age (approximate egg quality) and the number of eggs retrieved. Violet, the first AI image analysis tool for eggs, creates an egg scoring system that fills a void in reproductive medicine.

“It is astonishing that physicians cannot give patients personalized feedback on their eggs; because no validated egg classification system exists, eggs have long been the “black box” in our field,” said Dr. Nayot, a reproductive endocrinologist at TRIO Fertility and co-founder of Future Fertility. “With the accumulation of big data, including images of eggs and their respective outcomes, and the application of AI technology, we have finally made a huge leap forward to be able to evaluate eggs and ultimately work toward improving fertility outcomes.”

Features of Violet include:

  • Non-invasive, objective, accurate and instantaneous image analysis tool
  • Predicts the chance of the egg successfully fertilizing with 90% accuracy and the chance of reaching a blastocyst with almost 65% accuracy
  • Only requires a single image taken from a standard light microscope present at every IVF lab
  • Continues to accumulate thousands of data points from IVF clinics worldwide and improve on its predictive and diagnostic ability
  • Represents a significant technological innovation to quantify the quality of an egg,which will lead to personalized patient feedback, tailored treatment plans, and improved IVF outcomes

Future Fertility is comprised of seasoned medical and technology veterans including co-founders, Rene Bharti, Alex Krivoi, Jim Meriano and Dr. Dan Nayot. They are actively working with numerous exclusive partner clinics across the globe and plan to apply AI to improve all aspects of fertility treatment in a low-cost non-invasive manner, ranging from embryo selection to endometrial receptivity.

For more information on Future Fertility, please visit www.futurefertility.com.

About Future Fertility
Future Fertility, an innovative Medical AI company focusing on reproductive medicine based in Toronto, Canada, is applying machine learning inside the IVF lab to improve diagnostics and optimize outcomes. Using its patented Artificial Intelligence machine, the ‘Violet, ‘ they are able to instantaneously analyze the quality of an egg based on a single image, a diagnostic and predictive tool that is essential for both women undergoing social egg freezing and IVF. With their proprietary image analysis technology, Future Fertility will evolve the IVF process from relying on human subjectiveness into an automated, objective and accurate procedure. For more information on Future Fertility, please visit www.futurefertility.com.

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