Organic Payment Gateways Launches New Service Dedicated to Topical CBD Websites

SCARBOROUGH, Maine, Aug. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On their newly updated CBD payment focused site, Organic Payment Gateways explores the challenges and provides gateway solutions for CBD websites that are in the business of selling “topical only” CBD products.

“Site owners selling ‘non-ingestible’ items like skin creams, make-up products, hemp soaps, lotions, balms and topical oils have long been confused and discouraged by their merchant processing options,” according to Alex Roy, president of E-Commerce 4 IM LLC, the parent company of Organic Payment Gateways. “The fact that a CBD lip balm or hemp bubble bath site is often lumped into the same risk category as a CBD vape product or ingestible tincture has always been seen as counterintuitive by site owners selling topical only CBD – I am happy to say that we now have a solution for these folks that has fewer hoops and lower fees than before,” Alex continued.

Even now, after the passage of the industry-changing Farm Bill, few domestic payment gateways and merchant providers allow CBD in any form, even topical only products as benign as a hemp soap. As the newly refreshed Organic Payment Gateways site states, “traditional, US-based credit card processing for topical CBD sites are available, you simply need to know the right players in the industry. The process can be confusing due to the layers of brokers and resellers involved, but with our guidance, you can accept payments for topical CBD.”

Among the various payment gateways, shopping cart connections, and credit card acquiring banks involved in the payment chain, there are combinations that work best for topical CBD. For example, some site builders, like WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce offer straightforward integration with the topical CBD processors on the market today. Other site builders, for example, Wix, require some simple, easy to implement, workarounds in order to open up most CBD payment gateway options.

The “CBD Skincare and other products: the basics” page explains how they consider potential payment gateway integrations by either ensuring that the gateway is compatible with the site owner’s shopping cart of choice natively or what workarounds are available if it isn’t natively supported.

The goal of providing gateway and site builder integration analysis is to remove some complications that often arise when setting up a payment gateway. “We will work with topical site owners to find a topical CBD payment gateway and merchant account solution that works with the shopping cart they already have. This is important, as new businesses often invest huge amounts of time into their site before realizing that accepting credit cards is a challenge,” according to Alex Roy.

The general, or “basics” pages on the site goes into specific detail on accepting payments for a variety of CBD products, and some of the challenges of each.  

The Organic Payment Gateways site continues to describe how choosing a payment gateway without the right partner can lead to account shutdowns and held funds. Organic Payment Gateways’ staff focuses on educating new and established topical CBD businesses so they can avoid those challenges.

The topical CBD world is continuously changing, and as legislation and the attitude of payment providers change, so do the options available to site owners. In addition to start-up support, Organic Payment Gateways also offers free rate reviews for CBD site owners processing large dollar volumes with higher-priced, or “single card type” payment gateway solutions. 

To learn more about how Organic Payment Gateways can help topical CBD site owners with US-based payment gateways visit their site at 

About Organic Payment Gateways:

Organic Payment Gateways is a payment gateway provider with the goal of making it easier for CBD site owners to accept credit cards online. With years of experience, the US-based company specializes in payment gateways, credit card processing suggestions, web marketing, web hosting, and marketing advice. 

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