AV Integration Company, IVCi, Discusses Four Benefits of Digital Signage in Healthcare

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Aug. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Digital signage is a big part of enhancing the healthcare experience and applying it to any healthcare facility brings a host of benefits to the space and its visitors. AV integration company, IVCi, discusses four of the major benefits that come out of utilizing digital signage in the healthcare world.

  1. Improved communication between staff and patients: Digital signage doesn’t only have to benefit the patient; it can be applied to healthcare worker spaces as well. Staff and patients can increase their communication through digital signage, conveying essential patient information like historical health stats, meal times, and medication schedules to busy nurses and doctors, allowing the staff to take care of multiple patients at once. Additionally, when staff members switch shifts, they can easily see a patient’s health information, ensuring there are no mistakes made and that patients have a quality healthcare experience from start to finish.
  2. Increased Safety: Digital signage placed around a healthcare facility can be used as an effective safety tool for patients and healthcare workers alike. Digital screens can vividly display emergency notifications and warning signs to patients and workers, making them aware of an emergency or safety practice. If there is a fire or unauthorized access somewhere, a message can be sent across the entire healthcare facility instantly, alerting individuals to take safety precautions or emergency actions. Large, complicated facilities can display the closest emergency exits on digital signs, helping patients and visitors feel more comforted in any situation.
  3. Effective Wayfinding: Digital signage provides patients and their visitors with a physical tool to guide them through unfamiliar hospital hallways with ease and efficiency. Wayfinding can be a frustrating experience, especially in large healthcare facilities with a lot of territory to wander through. Digital signage can provide a clear map of the facilities, as well as the best path from an individual’s starting point to their final destination. This will also help keep patients and visitors from wandering the hall and entering a restricted area.
  4. Improves overall quality of patient visits: Having an informational kiosk can improve the overall quality of a patient visit by providing a place to access all essential healthcare facility information, giving a quick answer to nearly every question a patient may have. Engaging screens displaying interesting content reduces patient anxiety, along with making waiting times seem to go by faster. Empowering patients leads to a better quality visit, and digital kiosks can empower patients to check in and visualize their wait time, pay bills, send messages to their healthcare practitioners, and more.

Digital signage is a valuable tool in the modern healthcare industry, enhancing the patient experience ten-fold. Take old-school methods and digitize them for a renewed take on customer service and more pleased patients sitting in your waiting rooms.

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