2nd Generation Robotic Dining Device Poised for Global Growth

DAYTON, Ohio, Sept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — DESĪN, LLC today announced the launch of a second-generation Obi, the robotic dining companion for individuals who cannot feed themselves.  The launch follows global adoption of the first-generation of Obi, which has been honored with several of the industry’s most prestigious international awards.   During the creation of the second generation of Obi, nearly all aspects of the robot arm were re-designed, producing an even better dining experience while setting the stage for expanded market opportunities and high-volume demand.

Obi, designed, developed and manufactured in the USA, offers breakthrough robotic technology that provides dignity, independence and a sense of well being to its users by allowing them to select their food and control the pace at which they eat.

Obi provides a more independent, relaxed, and social dining experience for individuals that lack upper extremity function. This lifestyle transformation is created through applied robotic manipulator technology at a scale and level of usability that has never before existed in assistive technology.  Through simple activation of a switch, diners are given intuitive control over food selection, pace of eating and delivery to their mouth.

“We aim to maximize our company as a force for independence and inclusivity in populations living with physical challenges,” said Jon Dekar, Founder and CEO of DESĪN, LLC. “The continued development of Obi is our expression of this goal.  The second generation will provide our diners with smoother motions, longer run times, and world class reliability without a price increase.  Furthermore, the second generation enables expansion into facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living centers where Obi presents a compelling value.  Not only will it provide greater independence for residents, but it will also increase staff productivity, create opportunity for supplemental revenue, and enhance public perspective on the institution’s quality of care.”

DESĪN envisions an inclusive future where everyone has access to an independent and social dining experience.  Obi addresses a significant void in the field of assistive technology.  Jon Dekar elaborates, “This is the 21st century – there is no excuse for the absence of a technology that addresses a basic human need like eating.  When people are empowered to improve their health and well-being, everyone wins.”

DESĪN, LLC, designed, developed and manufactures Obi. Obi is an FDA Class I Medical Device with 10 US Patents, UL certification, CE compliance, and distribution in 20 countries. 

Partial list of Awards:
2018 GOLD Medical Design Excellence Award
2016 Research and Development (R&D100) Award

Additional information about Obi can be found at www.MeetObi.com.

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