eMindful Unveils eM Life App to Help Individuals Make Every Moment Matter

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — eMindful, a leading provider of purpose-driven mindfulness solutions that improve health and productivity and lower healthcare costs, today announced the launch of its new eM Life app. eM Life is the only app to offer live, interactive mindfulness sessions led by certified experts multiple times a day, with new topics and skills shared every day.


“eMindful was the first mover and innovator bringing scalable, evidence-based mindfulness programs to corporate and government clients live and online,” said Mary Pigatti, CEO, eMindful. “Participants can now engage in a reimagined experience with their everyday devices, making it easier to make every moment matter with greater focus, creativity and purposeful decisions.”

eM Life is built on more than 10 years of data-driven insights and consistent results at improving workplace performance and health. The app is supported by a curated group of globally diverse experts and is designed for daily use with modern consumption habits and communication preferences in mind. Participants have immediate access to fresh, practical content daily, live webinars, and hundreds of hours of on-demand content covering issues like chronic conditions, stress, anxiety, and addictive behaviors.

“The expected conveniences in apps, like personalized reminders and content, face and touch ID, are just the beginning,” said Himanshu Chaudhary, Director of Engineering, eMindful. “The real value of the new App is our modern API structure, data analysis, and white-label portability that will help our partners and clients make a significant impact with measurable results.”

Through eM Life, participants build skills and receive personalized strategies that they can integrate into daily life. An expert-led community also inspires learning, engagement, and purpose, and the games and meditation timer sustain healthy habits.

For more information, visit emindful.com.

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eMindful provides evidence-based, mindfulness programs for everyday life and chronic conditions and delivers measurable results by helping individuals make every moment matter with greater focus, creativity, and purposeful decisions. Fortune 500 employers partner with eMindful to prevent rising healthcare costs and to recruit and retain a high-performing workforce that is passionate, inspired and engaged. Leading health plans use eMindful to improve health outcomes, differentiate their business, and improve quality ratings. What sets eMindful apart is our purpose-driven mindfulness and proven outcomes.


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