XRHealth Collaboration with Magic Leap Brings AR Technology to the Healthcare Market

BOSTON, Sept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — XRHealth, the leading provider of extended reality and therapeutic AR and VR applications for the medical industry, announced today its collaboration with Magic Leap, aimed at bringing XRHealth health and wellness solutions to Magic Leap devices—a new ARHealth platform.

XRHealth and Magic Leap are collaborating to bring XRHealth health and wellness solutions to medical practitioners. The ARHealth therapeutic platform will deliver spatial computing applications for rehabilitation, cognitive training, psychological assessment and distraction from pain. These non-invasive medical tools enhance the treatment experience for patients — allowing them to analyze and quantify their own results and track their progress over time.

For doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, the ARHealth platform will provide highly accurate tracking tools and data analysis for use in hospitals and medical facilities. The comprehensive solution will leverage artificial intelligence and cloud- computing algorithms to upload quantified information to a web-based data portal in real time. External tablet control will enable medical professionals to control their patient’s session, from setup of session characteristics to choosing content, duration and more. For remote monitoring, the system will
generate a detailed report at the end of every session, allowing adjustment of the patient’s AR experience, as needed.

XRHealth is a medical device company with FDA-registered products. “We’re excited to bring our solutions to the augmented reality space via our collaboration with Magic Leap,” XRHealth CEO Eran Orr says. “The ARHealth platform will provide patients and doctors with an unprecedented treatment experience, enabling them deeper insight into their healthcare results.”

About XRHealth 

XRHealth, formerly known as VRHealth, is the leader in extended reality and therapeutic applications providing both VR and AR solutions for the medical industry. XRHealth is the first certified Extended Reality medical company in the world; their Medical Applications are FDA & CE Registered. They provide first-of-its-kind healthcare technology that helps clinicians better manage their patients’ care via specialized extended reality technology solutions and data analysis. The XR platforms  collect and examine user data through artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-computing algorithms to deliver advanced data analytics in real-time, consistently enabling healthcare providers to enhance their users’ and payers’ healthcare experiences. The company offers a variety of patent-pending solutions from rehabilitation services to cognitive assessment and training, to pain management. XRHealth works with several world-renowned U.S. healthcare providers, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Founded in 2016, XRHealth is headquartered in Israel and Boston, Massachusetts. Learn more at https://www.xr.health/.

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