Pharmspective Launches HealthPlanView™ Cost and Coverage Analyzer

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Pharmspective LLC announced today the introduction of HealthPlanView™, the first visual analytics platform built to assess the true drug cost burden to patients and payers.

HealthPlanView™ has been designed to address knowledge gaps in the current legacy tools utilized for understanding formulary access, reimbursement coverage, and patient out-of-pocket cost. By integrating medical policies, insurance benefit designs, and insured lives data with existing formulary coverage information, the platform offers a first-of-a-kind perspective into the cost of initiating and continuing treatment. This perspective, absent from current legacy formulary sources, sets HealthPlanView™ apart.

“HealthPlanView™ provides a best-in-class platform that creates real transparency around the true patient cost associated with high-cost pharmaceuticals,” said Nicole Espinoza, Vice-President, Knowledge Management. “We believe that it is time to move beyond general formulary tier and non-specific medical coverage criteria and deliver this level of transparency to patients, payers, providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.”

HealthPlanView™ is available as a web-enabled, subscription-based portal with intuitive visualizations of patient and plan costs between payers and detailed plan benefit design information. HealthPlanView™ covers more than 18,000 Commercial and Medicare 2019 benefit designs and specialty drugs from 15 major therapeutic areas. Additionally, the portal includes plan-level enrollment numbers across Commercial and Medicare as well as medical policy detail that highlights Prior Authorization and Step Edit nuances.

To support HealthPlanView™, the company also has a dedicated Customer Experience team that will help clients maximize the platform’s value. Additional drugs can be added and customized to meet the individual needs of clients.

“The addition of HealthPlanView™ to our applications suite gets us closer to our goal of becoming the Knowledge Cloud for the Healthcare Ecosystem that healthcare suppliers turn to,” stated Karl Kessler, Chief Technology Officer.

Healthcare companies can contact Pharmspective about HealthPlanView™ by emailing [email protected].

Pharmspective is a Healthcare Knowledge Management Company. Pharmspective currently markets ClearView™ and PolicyView™. We simplify understanding of the Healthcare Ecosystem with app technology that clarifies the evolving healthcare landscape and the shift from volume- to value-based care that is transforming the U.S. Healthcare system. Our gathering, synthesizing, and interpreting of unstructured information from hundreds of healthcare channels is helping us create a Healthcare Ecosystem Knowledge Cloud. Our goal is to create “ah-ha” moments for healthcare decision makers that lead to better informed decisions and strategies.

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