CaredFor Helps Treatment and Recovery Centers Stay Engaged with Clients and Alumni

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — CaredFor, a mobile app that helps treatment centers build long-lasting relationships with clients and alumni, continues to grow with another $2M in investment for its white-label service.

CaredFor is currently being used by 12,000 users at 75 treatment centers in 20 states and Canada – and those numbers continue to increase.

CaredFor provides HIPAA-compliant technology helping treatment centers solve the challenge of patient and alumni engagement.  CaredFor helps treatment centers collect valuable outcomes data, increase conversion rates, improve outcomes and drive referrals.

One of CaredFor’s most recent clients includes Integrative Life Center (ILC), a treatment center offering a full continuum of care for individuals suffering from mental health disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders, co-occurring disorders, addiction and sex, love and intimacy disorders.

“Reintegration into real life and the real world after treatment improves greatly when alumni are part of a community that welcomes and supports them,” said ILC’s Chief Executive Officer Ryan Chapman. “We live in a digital world driven by technology, and we knew an ILC app was the best way to further support our clients, their families and our alumni community.”

ILC’s app powered by CaredFor includes the following features:

  • A peer support network where users can post content and engage with other users’ posts
  • A recovery counter for tracking anniversaries
  • A gratitude journal to record positive life moments
  • Quizzes, challenges and other content that encourage user engagement
  • Private messaging among clients and their treatment team

“For someone finding their footing after treatment, there is nothing more important than access to a community that knows them and understands them” said Chapman. “With the ILC app, their peer support network and ILC family is just a click away.”

CaredFor Chief Executive Officer Parker Polidor said the true value for treatment centers is demonstrating success of their treatment programs.

“Every treatment center wants to tout long-term success to prospective patients and payers,” said Polidor. “CaredFor provides the engagement data and assessments that help measure the outcomes and success of treatment programs.”

CaredFor is always branded to the treatment center (a.k.a. “white labeling”).

“CaredFor helps treatment centers extend shared experiences beyond their physical walls and build a community that wants to help one another succeed,” said Polidor.

Polidor said treatment centers often switch to CaredFor after trying some combination of email marketing or social media groups with mixed results.

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