On-Demand Healthcare Gig App Postpones California Launch After AB5 Bill Passes

ATLANTA, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Scruubs, a gig-based application for scheduling medical professionals and non-emergency medical rides, has informed its partners that it will delay adding services in California. The health and wellness startup offers medical franchises to develop their presence in each state. Franchisees had registered for areas in Los Angeles and San Francisco for 2020 launches, but the company wants to see how the AB5 bill will affect its operations.

“The Scruubs app combines the rise of direct primary care to the gig industry,” says founder Lisa Lamb, a nursing professional. “We have doctors, nurses and lab technicians that are ready to do home or office calls, and earn money in their fields without the hassle of working in hospitals or clinics.”

Scruubs met with their California-based medical franchisees and partners after the AB5 bill passed and announced the company will delay its plans to operate in the state. Franchisees receive a percentage of each medical visit or ride. Scruubs ended the meeting by saying that it will focus on developing medical franchises in other states with business partners and investors.

Scruubs uses the same business model as rideshare companies. The medical professionals, cleaning service professionals and drivers are all independent contractors. Scruubs says that the medical professionals and drivers should be able to meet AB5’s test for contractors, but there are other portions of the bill that has the startup concerned.

“We set the work hours and the rates that are charged,” says Lamb. “We also supply some of the medical equipment if requested. We’ve read in the bill that those actions could classify the contractors as employees in California. It’s imperative that we keep Scruubs professionals as independent contractors to make the application work for them and their patients.”

Scruubs medical professionals will make their first visits in the metro Atlanta, GA area in October. The startup still hopes to offer services in California once they get a better understanding of how the AB5 bill affects them. Lamb says that the app is needed in the state to assist with their healthcare hiring crisis. 

California has a critical shortage of working medical professionals. Our on-demand healthcare app would bring some of them out of the woodwork to work as medical contractors. You’d be surprised at how many individuals have medical training, but don’t work due to the restrictions of the healthcare industry.”

About Scruubs

Scruubs is a gig based startup that will provide non-emergency health and wellness services via mobile application and the website. Scruubs also has franchising, business partnerships and investment opportunities available directly from the Scruubs.com website.

Official website: https://scruubs.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Scruubs1

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Lisa Lamb, MA, CNA, PCT.
CEO/COO Scruubs Incorporated
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