SWIFT SHIFT’s Homecare Hiring and Retention Platform Announces Rebranding

PHILADELPHIA⁠, Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SWIFT SHIFT, the Philadelphia-based mobile-first nurse & caregiver recruitment & retention platform, announced their rebrand in order to better reflect their vision— to improve the well-being of homecare professionals.

Their main priority is to improve the state of America’s home healthcare industry by taking better care of nurses and caregivers, attracting more to the industry and keeping them for longer periods. The U.S. has an acute and growing nursing and caregiver shortage, causing a crisis in the availability of homecare services. Assaf Shalvi, founder & CEO explains, “People that work in healthcare do it because they love taking care of their clients. However, the homecare technology sector is currently not geared to take care of the caregivers and nurses that work hard to care for our society’s most vulnerable individuals. Swift Shift is changing that.” Shalvi continues, “We built our entire platform around the needs and wants of caregivers and nurses. If we take good care of them they will do their utmost to take care of the people in need in their communities.”

It quickly became apparent that this begins at the scheduling and recruitment of caregivers and nurses and continues with daily payments and many other benefits and features, giving nurses and caregivers flexibility, choice, higher earnings, and better client matching. For a complete list of homecare professional benefits offered, visit swiftshift.com/products.

SWIFT SHIFT visioned the best technology solution for the homecare industry. The company imagined how AI and Machine Learning implemented in a fine UI would revolutionize the industry and transform the lives of many. This became the end goal. 

The rebrand is to represent the way that the company’s technology serves as a professional function but also allows for an improved lifestyle for homecare workers, better care, and higher satisfaction for agencies. SWIFT SHIFT resides at the intersection of technology and people.

The starting point for the new logo became quite obvious. The home and the heart soon came to represent the company and symbolize their approach.

The colors make it clear that this is the connection of two symbols, representing the homecare industry and the backbone of its survival: people.

Assaf Shalvi, Founder & CEO of SWIFT SHIFT

SWIFT SHIFT continues to grow and evolve with a passion for working through everyday issues facing agencies and caregivers. Through growth comes change, including the company’s brand. Dan Mano, CMO, spearheaded the rebranding process. He remarks, “We knew that we wanted our logo to reflect our vision. Working in homecare is certainly a challenge and definitely requires a big heart.”

SWIFT SHIFT was founded in 2016 by Assaf Shalvi. SWIFT SHIFT is a SaaS, AI-powered, HIPAA-compliant platform that allows enterprise homecare agencies to hire faster, improve retention, maximize staff field hours with easy scheduling and onboarding new patients— all via user-friendly apps. To learn more, visit swiftshift.com.

Studio Almog Dvir developed and executed the brand transformation.

Dan Mano, CMO
[email protected]
Office Phone: +1 267-888-4057

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