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LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — LigneSante today announced they would soon start the development of their SaaS practice and hospital management platform for healthcare professionals. MyClinic will allow healthcare professionals to see improvements in clinical workflows, free staff up to focus on the patients, communicate patient health information more effectively, and reduce their administrative tasks.

LigneSante: Encrypted file transfer & messaging

“We can help doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals operate at their best by giving their team the tools they need to focus on the most crucial thing – patients.”

–  Jayson Lux, Co-founder

Rapid communication with providers, patients, and the healthcare system is what leads to the success of today’s medical services. Medical professionals need to leverage the power of a connected community to better the outcomes patients have, improve efficiency, and boost their market share.

Patients want to stay in touch with their medical providers during treatment understandably. However, the reality is that postal mail is snail mail, phone calls can eat into other essential duties, and online communication must undergo encryption before being sent.

Practice administrators, doctors, and therapists face a plethora of financial issues, such as declines in reimbursements and shifting payment models. All change with the help of MyClinic. We can boost revenue capture with our billing, claims, and collections services. We look over at your financial health from various aspects and come up with a revenue cycle management and medical billing services that improve overall performance. Your cost will go down, but the return on investment increases.

LigneSante allows medical professionals to communicate with patients in real-time and in a secure fashion. More precisely, the key feature includes a two-way real-time communication tool between the two parties.

  • Patients can quickly sign up and securely send their messages.
  • Patients can reach out to their healthcare provider via their phone or computer.
  • Hospital staff can provide patients with real-time advice, help, and recommendations instead of a personal one-on-one meeting with the doctor.
  • Communications are encrypted, which means patient information stays confidential and in compliance with medical regulations. The hospital can keep track of new requests as well as demands that were solved or addressed by someone else.
  • Constructively talk with patients, connecting with them through the channel they prefer – by phone, text or email.
  • Monitor the progress of patients with the power behind national interoperability, regardless of where the treatment occurred.
  • Confidently keep track of patient care by the sharing of health information on various systems with other healthcare providers.

MyClinic will be available in the fall of 2020. For more information on LigneSante, visit

About LigneSante: We are a community of medical professionals, sharing ideas, comparing notes, referring patients, and striving for an integrated approach of medicine. Ultimately for the betterment of humankind.

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