Two brothers fight against counterfeit products in the Cannabis and Hemp industries with their startup, CannVerify, an anti-counterfeit solution

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — CannVerify LLC, the leader in brand protection and customer connection for the Cannabis and Hemp industries, announced that their proprietary blockchain based solution has been effectively applied to protect consumers from counterfeits on nearly 1 million products. The solution effectively counteracts the rampant counterfeiting causing health issues for consumers and costing brands lost revenue and damaging their reputations.

“We launched CannVerify with the goal of using technology to protect the cannabis and hemp industries and their consumers from counterfeiting,” commented co-founder Vicken Jabourian. “We’re now starting to see the devastating effects of counterfeiting and how important it is for consumers to know what they’re buying is real.”

“The system allows consumers to protect themselves with a simple scan of our unique serialized seal on the package and entering a one-time verification code,” commented co-founder Shant Jabourian. “Consumers can instantly read the lab test results and verify a product is real right from their smartphone.”

CannVerify has over 70 brands who are benefiting from the patent pending solution and letting their customers know that they are using CannVerify to protect them. Next Level Cannabis announced on Instagram, “Over the last two years we at Next Level have done everything we could to create a product we are proud of. … [W]e’ve won numerous awards and have built a reputation as a good quality product with solid customer care. In that time we’ve also watched other brands get pirated by counterfeiters that ruined any customer/patient confidence in them. So to safeguard our customers/patients we’ve teamed up with @cannverify to create a unique identification sticker for every product we make!”

“In the ‘wild west’ of hemp some companies will do whatever it takes to get ahead, like mislabeling, creating fake brands or repackaging products,” said Blue Ridge Hemp. “How do we protect our customers, protect our brand, and protect our message? Enter CannVerify. We believe compliance is coming and we have spent large amounts of time and energy preparing for it, making sure all our products are in line with states and federal regulations before they affect our daily lives.”

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