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LAUSANNE, Switzerland, Sept. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — LigneSante today announced their newest addition to the planned development of MyClinic software. Success hinges upon understanding the patient population and communicating with them, especially as the healthcare system moves towards the value-based reimbursement system. 

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The public health is the science and art of preventing disease and disability, prolong life, and promote healthy physical and mental well-being through organized efforts of the community. They focus on the rehabilitation and development of the social machinery that will ensure each individual in the community an adequate standard of living for the maintenance of health.

“Public health is the science and art of preventing disease.” –  Jayson Lux, Co-founder

Health Situation Analysis (ASIS) has been defined as analytical-synthetic processes that cover various types of analysis. They allow to characterize, measure and explain the health-disease profile of a population including the damages and health problems as well as their determinants, whether they are, the competence of the health sector or other sectors. The ASIS facilitate the identification of health needs and priorities, as well as the identification of appropriate interventions and programs and the evaluation of their impact on health.

LigneSante provides medical professionals with all the advantages of a sophisticated and user-friendly system. Our population health analytics will enable medical professionals to improve patient outcomes and expand market share with MyClinic. In particular, they can:

  • Review information from various sources in and away from EHR.
  • Incorporate data from claims, HIEs, and various sources to attain a more precise look at patients.
  • Attain valuable insights by converting patient information from different sources and putting them into actionable records to recognize individual patient needs.
  • Put information into action using an outreach engine that lets them talk with patients at risk, helping reduce their chances for chronic illnesses and care.
  • Improve disease management, such as recognizing, monitoring, documenting, and managing chronic disease patients.
  • Save both money and time by recognizing and getting rid of failed care programs.
  • Improve revenues by using quality measures and applying for incentives that fall under the value-based payment system.
  • Use preventative services to boost revenues, sending reminders to patients in the patient population to get their necessary care.

LigneSante will be available for a 90-day free trial. For more information visit

About LigneSante: We are a community of medical professionals, sharing ideas, comparing notes, referring patients, and striving for an integrated approach of medicine. Ultimately for the betterment of humankind.

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