WebFitness offers Interactive Workouts, the next generation in fitness

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — First there was television workout with Jack Lalanne. Then VHS/DVD workouts were hot. After that was streaming workouts from YouTube and others. Recently some companies broadcast workouts but receive little or no information back. Now there is WebFitness an interactive fitness where participants use their laptop with webcam to workout live with a trainer

Website: WebFitness.com/SignUp Free trial with no credit card required offered to everyone.  This allows people to try it out before committing.

How does the workout work: Participants login to a workout using a standard laptop (or computer with a camera). During the workout the member’s screen shows 3 windows:

Demonstrate – One third of the screen is a video demonstrating proper form for every exercise in the workout. 

Live Coaching – In the middle third of the screen is a live certified trainer, watching you to help you with proper form and encourage you to push through the exercise. The trainer is totally focused on helping participants because they are not consumed by demonstrating every exercise. Instead, their demonstrations are personalized for the members in the class.

Group Energy – The right third has a bunch of small windows showing others in class.  Members experience the same energy and socialization as being in a workout room.

Nutrition Feature: Nutritionists review eating patterns and work with clients to maximize effectiveness. 

Documentation and Accountability: Members quickly take a picture of every meal on their phones with a single click after opening WebFitness. The design is to make documenting eating habits very fast and easy. Nutritionists review your eating patterns and guide you to improve. 

Goals and dietary plans are customized for each member. 

Questions and Answers:  Members can ask any question or submit a question with their food picture.

Progress Tracking: Members that workout 3 or more days a week and following nutritional advice are seeing tremendous results.

Members can select if they want trainer to help them with low intensity, normal intensity or push them beyond their comfort zone. 

Weight: Track your weight changes.

Pictures: Take front, side and back pictures. Members love seeing their transformation. 

Body Mass Index (BMI): is automatically calculated.  

Body Fat and Measurements: These are optional.

The program has many other features including an online store. A popular feature that is included with membership is pulse tracking and ranking for Apple Watch wearers. 

Classes range in variety:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): where no special equipment is required. 

Bands and Cords: resistance training

Dumbbells: require light to medium free weights.

Learn more at WebFitness.com and signing up for a free week to experience a new way to workout with WebFitness.

Contact: John Schaaf
Title: CEO, WebFitness
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (949) 305-0002 x2002

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