NetDirector Goes Live with First Wave of Integrations with Industry-Leading Technology Provider GPM, Corp.

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ –NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform, has partnered with leading long-term/post-acute care (LTPAC) technology provider GPM, Corp. and their EHR platform, GEHRIMED, to provide a powerful and modern solution to the challenges of interoperability. With the unique needs of long-term/post-acute care, GEHRIMED and NetDirector have teamed up to ensure that data associated with patient care in this critical sector can be utilized more rapidly and efficiently. The initial integration focuses on billing systems and the patient/billing information of GEHRIMED’s clients – the LTPAC providers that utilize GEHRIMED as their EHR solution.

Prior to integrating through NetDirector, GEHRIMED was responsible for maintaining individual one-to-one integrations with all their data trading partners. This meant building and servicing a broad variety of custom-designed interfaces between their platform and the other platforms utilized by their clients such as CompMed or AdvanceMD (two of the many billing platforms utilized by GEHRIMED clients). This development and maintenance meant significant internal resources were being devoted to integration, when the team at GEHRIMED knew they could better serve their customers by focusing on improving and maintaining their core EHR platform.

GEHRIMED opted to partner with NetDirector after recognizing that creating and maintaining complex integrations with each new and existing system would divert resources from their core mission – providing interoperable technology to LTPAC providers. GEHRIMED now leverages NetDirector’s flexibility, reliability and expertise to handle all their integration needs.

The cloud-based, zero-footprint integration allows GEHRIMED to send patient and billing information to multiple systems quickly and easily. Additionally, implementation is rapid for new trading partners, and the dedicated integration analyst that NetDirector provides GEHRIMED a highly valuable resource to expand their integration ecosystem. NetDirector analyst, with their deep domain expertise, function as an extension of GEHRIMED’s internal team regarding new client onboarding and ongoing support/consultation.

Cindy Ireland, Vice President of Development at GEHRIMED, said recently that “the NetDirector integration drastically reduces the potential for pain in the future, and makes getting our data from one place to the other secure with an easy repeatable process.” Ireland continued, “This integration allows us to focus on our own technology and client experience, while ensuring that providers can leverage GEHRIMED to provide the best possible patient outcomes and experience.”

The integration includes a bidirectional patient demographic interface that ensures patient information is synchronized throughout the various billing systems, and a unidirectional billing interface that sends charge information directly to the billing systems. Currently, the integration can manage data in a variety of formats and connection methods, including HL7 LLP, Web Services, SFTP, and both Json and XML formatting.

“Onboarding an industry leader like GEHRIMED and their trading partner network will be a valuable addition to our healthcare ecosystem,” said Harry Beisswenger, CEO of NetDirector. “GEHRIMED has been a great partner to work with during our implementation phase and now are starting to realize the full benefits of our ‘integrate once’ approach. As our healthcare marketplace expands, other providers and technology vendors will have an even easier time getting their data flowing when and where they need it with a single integration.”

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NetDirector provides a secure cloud-based data and document exchange solution for the healthcare and mortgage banking industries to deliver seamless data integration between parties. NetDirector bridges gaps created by disparate systems & technologies by allowing companies at any location to share data & documents securely over a single internet connection with any other member of the ecosystem. Our approach allows trading partners to collaborate and exchange data in a seamless, bi-directional, real-time manner. With security and longevity as a focus, NetDirector is a certified HIPAA Compliant company, a 6-year member of the prominent Inc. 5000, and currently processes more than 10 million transactions per month.

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