Avera eCARE® Selects Tyto Care as an Enterprise Solution for Virtual Care

NEW YORK, Oct. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Avera eCARE, the world’s leading telehealth provider, today announced that it has selected Tyto Care, creator of the healthcare industry’s first all-in-one modular device and telehealth platform for on-demand, remote medical exams, as an enterprise solution for virtual care. Tyto Care’s TytoPro™ professional solution, along with the TytoCare end-to-end virtual platform, will be integrated into the Avera eCARE telemedicine service to enhance remote care for schools, senior care programs and rural clinics across the country.

Avera eCARE partners with healthcare systems, rural hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and assisted livings, schools and more to provide quality care to medically underserved populations using high-definition video technology. TytoPro will extend the reach of Avera eCARE clinicians and specialists beyond their office to remote locations. The solution includes the TytoCare hand-held device with exam camera, thermometer, otoscope, stethoscope (with volume, bell, and diaphragm filters), and tongue depressor adaptors, as well as earbuds. The solution also includes the TytoVisit platform, comprised of the TytoApp and Clinician dashboard, for conducting live telehealth exams, reviewing exams and communicating with patients.  

Information collected by Avera eCARE and Tyto Care in an assisted living facility demonstrated a 20% reduction in emergency department transfers following usage of Avera eCARE and TytoCare, with 93% of residents treated in place. 

“Technology that assists telemedicine providers to visualize inside of the ear, and to use a stethoscope as if they are in the room, offers a more complete picture of the patient’s health to the entire care team,” said Joshua Hofmeyer, Avera eCARE Senior Care Officer.

TytoPro enables remote exams of the heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat and abdomen, and also measures heart rate and body temperature. This will allow care providers to connect with other healthcare professionals to obtain a second opinion or specialist consultation for enhanced virtual care. 

“We’re proud that Avera eCARE has entrusted us to enhance the care they provide to schoolchildren, elderly and rural patients,” said Dedi Gilad, CEO and co-founder of Tyto Care. “This collaboration validates the value of our all-in-one, cost-effective enterprise solution. We look forward to providing patients across the country with the highest quality virtual care available.”

A white paper with further information and testimonials about the Avera eCARE and Tyto Care partnership can be found here.

About Tyto Care

Tyto Care is transforming primary care by putting health in the hands of consumers. The company seamlessly connects people to clinicians to provide the best virtual home examination and diagnosis solutions. 

Tyto Care’s solutions are designed to enable a comprehensive medical exam from any location and include a hand-held, all-in-one tool for examining the heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat, abdomen, and body temperature; a complete telehealth platform for sharing exam data, conducting live video exams, and scheduling visits; a cloud-based data repository with analytics; and built-in guidance technology and machine learning algorithms to ensure accuracy and ease of use for patients using the device at home. The platform also allows for simple integration with electronic health records systems, third party exam tools, and other telehealth platforms. To watch a demo video, click here.

For more information please visit www.tytocare.com.

About Avera eCARE   

Avera eCARE, based in Sioux Falls, SD, offers one of the largest and most comprehensive virtual health networks in the world – partnering with more than 400 health care systems, rural hospitals, outpatient clinics, long-term care facilities, assisted livings, schools, correctional facilities – across the country. Learn more by visiting www.AveraeCARE.org

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