Body Conversations™ Podcast Looks at American Bodies and Sees that Medicare for All is the ONLY Option

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — With decades of experience  and  78 years watching the sizing up of America,  Joan Breibart explains why an economic solution to halt the growth of obesity—morbid obesity is the fastest growing segment—and  Single Payer to pay for the treatment is the ONLY Option. Climate change will affect food supplies, so we need to get on the right track soon, starting with the Body Conversations™ PODCAST. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren—naturally slim and not a “Wellness B*tch” (a term coined by Joan Breibart)—doesn’t need the Body Conversations™ PODCAST to recognize that 50 years of diet and  exercise have wrecked American bodies. Joan Breibart, author of Suckered into Wellness and the Body Biz, with eight patents for body products, and the person who made Pilates a household name, announces the launch of her Body Conversations™ Podcast for all the other politicians and the Media.

The majority of Americans have a pre-existing condition: 50% are obese; 85% in the aged category; and then there is the opioid epidemic. All bad news which explains the omnipresence of healthy and wellness to distract us from this dire situation. The CDC helps with the avoidance using a  grading on the curve BMI formula that labels a 5’6″ female at 185 pounds as NOT obese. But a recent Gallup poll exposes our fatness. Still the Media phones in a green smoothie story or some news about a spice that will ‘rev up your metabolism’ instead of reporting on the failure of the eat healthy/exercise more mantra. The Biggest Loser proved conclusively that the cure is the cause,” says Breibart.

The elite establishment – and every educated urbanite – ignore the refrigerator-sized bodies at  political rallies, in every TV commercial, and even on PBS Antique Road Show. MSNBC’s journalists  attack Trump, but never comment on obesity even though diabetes drug commercials pay their salaries. (Educated MSNBC viewers are obese too !) Wellness is so profitable that it’s not PC to mention that 38 million Americans are diabetic, and 84 million more are pre-diabetic,” says Breibart. “Even Evangelicals preachers are in denial despite what they see in their churches. Gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins, is no longer a sermon subject.”



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