Jack Estes Debrabander Discusses How Vitamin C Injection Could Help Boost Immunity Against Coronavirus

Jack Estes Debrabander discusses how vitamin C injection could be used to help boost immunity against the coronavirus pandemic.

ANN ARBOR, MI / ACCESSWIRE / JULY 31, 2020 / IV bars are a growing trend in cities across America. The “bars” are actually centers administering researched and tested vitamin IVs and vitamin injections to patients. The injections or IVs are tailored to suit patient goals, whether those goals are superior hydration, increased vitamin C intake, or others. Jack Estes Debrabander plans on opening in IV bar in the city of Ann Arbor, Mich. He recently discussed how Vitamin C injection could help boost immunity against the coronavirus pandemic.

“Vitamin C is something many people take to boost the immune system, treat a vitamin C deficiency, or improve overall health,” Jack Estes Debrabander said. “Vitamin C injection is a convenient and efficient way to boost the immune system and provide your body the vitamins it needs fight off viruses.”

Jack Estes Debrabander explained that many times, the reason we get sick is because we’ve completely exhausted our bodies. This can be due to nutritional deficits, an abundance of stress, lack of sleep, or a variety of other issues. Jack Estes Debrabander stated that vitamin injections can be a way to immediately boost the immune system and decrease the chances of a cold or virus, like the recent coronavirus, taking hold. An article in Medical News Today stated that while vitamin C injections have not been proven to cure or treat COVID-19, it is though to aid in the reversal of some damage that can be caused by the virus.

“The goal is to enhance the natural immune system of the body,” Jack Estes Debrabander said. “It’s a preventative measure that could help your body fend off viruses and some other illnesses. It could also help reverse some of the damage caused.”

Jack Estes Debrabander added that vitamin C deficiency can also result in joint pain, discoloring of the skin, fatigue, wounds that won’t heal, and swollen or bleeding gums. He described that all of these painful side effects of this deficiency can be prevented by maintaining proper amounts of vitamin C in the body through vitamin C injections.

Jack Estes Debrabander explained that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved vitamin C injections as a means of treating vitamin C deficiency. He stated these injections are an ideal way to boost vitamin C levels when they need to be increased immediately. Injections are also an ideal alternative for anyone who has an aversion to oral supplements. Jack Estes Debrabander added that vitamin C injections can be used to heal wounds more quickly as well as a variety of off-label uses.

“IV bars are safe, convenient, and affordable places to receive vitamin C and other vitamin injections,” Jack Estes Debrabander said. “This is what we want to bring to Ann Arbor — a safe, comfortable place for people to seek superior health and an overall better quality of life. This service could be especially helpful now, during the heart of the coronavirus pandemic.”


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