KLAS Research’s First Look Report Gives High Marks To Streamline Health’s eValuator™ Pre-Bill Coding Analysis Technology

Reviews how automated pre-bill coding analysis helps providers
improve financial performance

Atlanta, GA, Nov. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Streamline Health Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: STRM) provider of the eValuator Revenue Integrity Program to help healthcare providers proactively improve revenue leakage and financial performance, announced today that KLAS Research completed and published a First Look Report on eValuator technology and the results Streamline customers are experiencing.

KLAS is a leading healthcare IT research firm that provides transparent and impartial insights. Its First Look report reveals an unbiased view of how the eValuator solution improves coding accuracy and financial performance by analyzing all coded records before being billed.

KLAS surveyed customers at standalone hospitals, academic medical centers and small-hospital health systems and found that:

  • 100% of customers saw outcomes within 6 months, with 33% of those seeing outcomes immediately
  • 100% of customers would buy it again
  • Customers praise eValuator’s robust rule sets and targeted reporting and see Streamline Health as willing to engage on opportunities to enhance the system.

In all four key performance areas, Streamline customers gave eValuator all A’s and one’ B+.

KLAS Research Analyst Mike Davis noted that “Automating the review of billing codes reduces overhead on the coding teams and increases the percentage of clean claims, which in turn reduces days in A/R. Clients are seeing expected outcomes within six months.”

The eValuator cloud-based solution automates the analysis and review of potential under coding and over coding prior to billing. It ranks potential issues by the need for further review and the financial impact, then automatically routes to the designated auditor for immediate review—complete with recommended corrections. By addressing the cases with the greatest potential impact, it enables providers to prevent revenue leakage and compliance exposure for optimized financial performance.

To download a complimentary copy of the KLAS First Look report, click here.

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Streamline Health Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: STRM) is a leader in pre-bill revenue integrity solutions for healthcare providers. Our eValuator Revenue Integrity Program includes integrated solutions, technology-enabled services and analytics that drive compliant revenue across the enterprise. We share a common calling and commitment to advance the quality of life and the quality of healthcare – for society, our clients, the communities they serve, and the individual patient. For more information, please visit our website at www.streamlinehealth.net.

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