impacX announces 11 new orders of revolutionary product ‘ 2.0’ to global supplement industry leaders

TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ltd. (TASE: IMPC) announced it received 11 new orders from top industry leaders in recent weeks for its new 2.0 product, a compelling solution to health and wellness product packaging. The pilots are expected to kick off in the second and third quarters of 2022 and will continue for approximately three months each. Participating countries: United States, Europe, Australia, Mexico and India.

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The 2.0 product is a 2022 edition of impacX’s revolutionary technology. 2.0 is a white-label modern packaging solution, mixed with hi-tech software, for companies in the vitamin and food supplement industries. The packaging is not only refillable and reusable for sustainability purposes, but connects to a cloud-based application that automates refills and collects non-invasive data on daily consumer habits, for the benefit of consumers. 2.0 packages supplements and vitamins of the powder, pill and gummy form, and can be reused hundreds of times. The technology encourages sustainability and new global health habits. 2.0 allows supplement companies to access unique information from the customer’s home for more advanced customer-company relationship building, completely transforming the vitamin- and supplement-taking experience. All information collected directly impacts end users, in real time, by sending intelligent supplement reminders, automating replenishment times, and optimizing preferred marketing content for each customer. This information is of tremendous commercial value for global vitamin companies, since it enables a high increase in sales, and converts casual customers into subscribers, boosting competitive market edge.

Mr. Kobi Bentkovski, CEO and Founder of impacX said “I am happy about the large number of responses from companies around the world for our product, which provides a smart and valuable solution to consumers and vitamin companies alike. The global market for vitamins and nutritional supplements is huge and constantly growing, amounting to approximately $120 billion in 2020. We believe what we bring to this market is truly revolutionary.”

Yoav Hoshen, Senior VP Sales and Business Development, said The new 2.0 platform realizes impacX’s vision for sustainable solutions. It provides vitamin brands the ability to completely stop using single-use plastic packages that are so widely used in the market, and replace them with smart, multi-use packaging, paired with biodegradable monthly refill packs.

Consumers immediately benefit, as they receive personal reminders to take their food supplement or vitamin at the appropriate time, and they receive a fresh supply of the product at the exact reorder point. This ensures their supply never runs out.”

About impacX
Israeli hi-tech company creates smart packaging that interacts with and benefits end users in real time, featuring smart notifications and Bluetooth technology. The company currently focuses on vitamin, supplement and water intake, employing smart-tech packaging that integrates with impacX’s proprietary Internet of Packaging (IoP) software services (mobile app included). impacX plans to continue growing customer satisfaction worldwide in the smart packaging industry, for the benefit of businesses and consumers alike.

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