Laguna Health Adds I3PI Founders Saul Weiner and Alan Schwartz to its Advisory Board

  • Nationally recognized leaders in contextualizing patient care bring decades of experience to Laguna to help model and digitize at-home recovery
  • Medical records rarely reflect real life context or behavioral drivers that may hinder patients’ recovery journey
  • I3PI and Laguna will incorporate contextualized care plans into Laguna’s Data Engine to enrich the perspective of the individual care journey and improve outcomes

NEW YORK, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Laguna Health, a digital-first home recovery platform, today announced the addition of Saul Weiner and Alan Schwartz, founders of The Institute for Practice and Provider Improvement (I3PI), to its Advisory Board. With 14 years of consultancy experience and research on the contextualization of patient care, Saul and Alan will work directly with Laguna’s clinical team to create and implement contextual care plans into its Data Engine Model.

Medical records rarely reflect patient or caregiver life context, or the behavioral drivers that may hinder a patient’s recovery journey. Poor vision or arthritic fingers might prevent a patient from taking insulin as directed. Lack of access to transportation may be the reason a patient is unable to attend medical appointments. A cognitive deficit or language barrier could be the reason a patient isn’t following their recommended treatment plan. These types of individual life circumstances are rarely captured in brief visits with a patient’s care team, and from the providers’ perspective, it may appear as though the patient is being irresponsible with their care. Life context can also be further compounded by Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), which has to do with a much larger set of challenges, such as poor housing, economic inequality, racism, and more.

“The traditional healthcare industry fails to consider many outside factors and emotional behaviors that can affect a person’s ability to be healthy,” said Dr. Saul Weiner, Co-founder and Principal of I3PI, and Head of Care Contextualization, Laguna Health. “Aspects like a patient’s eyesight, mobility issues, or even a switch in their job schedules are some of the various factors that can impede care. Understanding a patient or caregiver’s life context not only makes physicians more compassionate and empathetic, but it also enables them to provide the most precise care. We’re thrilled to work with Laguna to codify our research on whole-patient care for a chronically underserved part of the healthcare journey. Together, we will be able to deliver crucial care for the millions of Americans that are discharged from hospitals annually.”

I3PI is known as the pioneer in contextualizing patient care, where patient circumstances and behaviors that are relevant to planning care are identified, and the patient’s care plan is adjusted to meet these circumstances. Since 2008, I3PI has been researching physicians’ care practices and then creating a set of best practice care methods for medical clinics, health care plans, and certifying boards. I3PI employs unannounced standardized patients, which is akin to a mystery shopper program in the retail industry. This method allows I3PI to observe simulated patient visits to medical practices. These observations build I3PI’s body of research and guides I3PI to help practices and providers improve the quality, performance, and value of the care they provide to patients.

“I have had the opportunity to work with I3PI in the past and have witnessed firsthand the ability to optimize patient care through their proven methodologies,” said┬áDr. Alan Spiro Laguna Health’s CMO & President. “The marriage of I3PI’s expertise in contextual care with Laguna’s technology will create the best care delivery for patients during their most vulnerable times. It’s a great privilege to be working with the preeminent leader of contextualized care to not only improve patient outcomes, but to better serve our clinicians and recovery coaches.”

Laguna Health supports members in their recovery journey, while providing the tools and technology recovery coaches need to support their patients. The Laguna Data Engine is a multidimensional member database that builds upon I3PI’s research to amplify the recovery coaches’ ability to provide whole-person care for their patients. The Data Engine model accurately and instantly informs coaches of their individual patient’s needs and can provide guidance on treatment plan recommendations. I3PI’s mastery of contextualizing patient care is an intrinsic component of Laguna’s Data Engine model and its ability to provide optimal recovery care for members.

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