Everlywell Releases Tests for Food Allergy and Celiac Disease, Creating a Destination for Affordable Testing for Food Related Conditions Paired with Virtual Follow-Up Care

New launches underscore Everlywell’s commitment to providing people with education, resources and affordable ways to investigate common food-related symptoms

AUSTIN, Texas, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Everlywell, a leading digital healthcare company that provides convenient, affordable, and personalized support for health and wellness, today announced the expansion of its nutritional health category to include even more digestive health solutions, including the release of at-home collection tests for Celiac Disease and Food Allergies paired with virtual and follow-up care. These new tests, developed and validated by leading third-party labs, expand upon Everlywell’s Nutritional Health category of products, which today include validated lab tests for Food Sensitivity, Metabolism, common vitamin deficiencies, and the company’s newly launched line of vitamins and supplements.

“An estimated 26 million U.S. adults are living with food allergies today, while studies show that an estimated 1 in every 141 Americans live with Celiac Disease including many who may be unaware of their condition. We have partnered with some of the leading food testing laboratories in the world to bring additional validated tests to consumers seeking relief from disruptive gastrointestinal and food-related symptoms,” said Dr. Liz Kwo, MD, MBA, MPH, Chief Medical Officer at Everly Health.

Gastrointestinal symptoms are estimated to regularly affect two out of three Americans, with one out of five Americans having experienced bloating in the last week and one out of four having experienced abdominal pain. Although the majority of Americans struggle with food-related symptoms, clinical testing for common food-related conditions can be costly and difficult to access, with some tests costing hundreds of dollars. By launching digital tools that help consumers navigate the differences between food-related conditions and select the right test for their symptoms, Everlywell’s latest offerings enable consumers to measure the same biomarkers shown to be associated with common food-related conditions at a transparent price using convenient at-home collection.

The Food Allergy Test ($149) allows consumers to learn their IgE reactivity to nine common food allergens that are responsible for the majority of adverse reactions related to food allergies. The Celiac Disease Screening Test ($119) follows the American College of Gastroenterology’s (ACG) testing guidelines and measures three key biomarkers that aid in the diagnosis and management of Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disorder that can cause long-term damage if left unidentified and untreated.

To help people make the most of their testing experience, Everlywell has partnered with a team of clinicians and patient care representatives that are on standby to provide support to test takers after they receive their results. Those whose Food Allergy test results indicate increased reactivity that may be associated with a food allergy will receive an alert call from a licensed healthcare professional affiliated with Everly Health to inform them about their results and provide guidance about appropriate next steps, while test-takers whose Celiac Disease Screening Test results indicate increased risk for Celiac Disease will receive outreach to provide guidance on appropriate next steps including questions to take to their healthcare provider. Those who indicate their symptoms are severe on a pre-purchase screener will be discouraged from purchasing a Food Allergy Test and advised to seek in-person care.

“By pairing high-quality laboratory testing with virtual care and post-test support, consumers now have convenient and affordable access to insights to take back to their healthcare practitioners to assist in the screening or diagnosis of common food conditions. These tests can be a valuable tool for those who may struggle with food-related symptoms and either can’t afford to visit a specialist or are unsure where to start,” said Dr. Brett Mendel, MD, of Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates.

For more information, visit www.everlywell.com.

About Everlywell

Everlywell is a diagnostics-driven healthcare company owned and operated by Everly Health. The brand was founded in 2015 when CEO and Founder Julia Cheek took inspiration from her own experience navigating the healthcare system to make lab testing affordable and convenient for all.

Today, Everlywell is a destination for products and digital tools that support health and wellness within the home, including telehealth, supplements, and insightful tests from certified labs. Since launch, Everlywell and its team have amassed accolades including Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, Forbes’ Best Startup Employers, Inc.’s Best-Led Companies, Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas, and more. For more information, please visit everlywell.com.

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