Monday, March 19, 2018
By Clip Syndicate
Peering into a patient's heart and locating potentially-deadly irregular heartbeats takes surgery with a catheter, but a new high-tech vest is a new way to bypass that in some cases. KXAN's Gigi Barnett reports.   [READ MORE]

Wells Plastic Surgery
by Clip Syndicate
Wells Plastic Surgery   [READ MORE]
Mobile technology's diffusion into the mainstream hasn't been uniform. Some industries have greeted the mobile revolution with open arms, while others have resisted this paradigm shift (to varying degrees of success). The healthcare sector falls somewhere in between, and that's a cause for serious concern. After all, the purpose of technology is to improve the quality of our lives, our society, and our human experience, and it's alarming that health care-arguably the most direct way to do just that-isn't leveraging mobile tech to its full potential.   [READ MORE]
Our friends from Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care join us to talk about their Facial Rejuvenation "Small Talks"   [READ MORE]
Do you suffer from Hyperpigmentation? Check this video out to find relief.   [READ MORE]
Tori Lentz Still Playing For Lee Despite Heart Surgery   [READ MORE]
In this episode, Maryfran Johnson, executive director of CIO programs and events at IDG, talks with CIO Kristin Darby of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America about IT’s critical role in the convergence of genomic advances, clinical research and digital capabilities in healthcare – and how all of that is creating a new world of connected care for patients.   [READ MORE]

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