Saturday, July 22, 2017
By Taran Volckhausen
The fundamentals of quantum mechanics don't permit you to store information on the quantum-computing machine itself. While you could convert its data for storage on traditional devices, such as the solid-state hard drive, you would need to process an nearly infinite amount of information, which would require an impossible amount of space and energy to achieve. However, there could be a solution, but it requires us to look within. Not in a hippy-dippy "finding yourself" sort of way, but rather the double helix code found in humans and almost all other organisms: DNA.   [READ MORE]

Small Town Hospital Care
by Clip Syndicate
Matt talks to John Tricou, Jennifer Grant, and Jenny Hall from Iroquois Memorial Hospital. Dr. Tricou talks about the updated radiology technology. Jennifer Grant talks about how the updates in the radiology technology will help obtain more accurate results the first time so the hospital calls back fewer patients with false positive results. Jenny Hall talks about the importance of having comprehensive healthcare in the community.   [READ MORE]
The Jays' long-time coach is battling a rare eye disease which is forcing him to retire. Jordan Furbee has more.   [READ MORE]
Help spread the word about a life-threatening disease. NewsChannel 9's Farah Jadran is with Hope for Heather, getting ready for this year's Teal Ribbon Run.   [READ MORE]
Healthcare costs are driving the demand for data driven applications. In fact, the United States healthcare spending has outpaced and exceeds many other developed countries. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the US Health System ranks last among 11 countries on measures of access, equity, quality, efficiency and health lives despite being more expensive. Healthcare data is growing exponentially with the advancements in electronic patient records, lab results, imaging reports and machine or sensor generated data. This vast amount of data can potentially lower healthcare costs, improve quality of care and save patient's lives.   [READ MORE]
Wings pitcher is rare surgery success   [READ MORE]
What local officials are saying caused a house to explode near Bois d'Arc Wednesday. Missouri's Attorney General files a lawsuit against companies manufacturing opioids. Senators on Capitol Hill get ready to roll out a replacement for Obamacare. Here's your Thursday morning Web Cast.   [READ MORE]

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