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Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Dr. Nimtz talks Consultations

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Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Dr. Nimtz talks Consultations Video: Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Dr. Nimtz talks Consultations
Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Dr. Nimtz talks Consultations Mon, 08 May 2017 16:49:27 +0000 Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Dr. Nimtz talks Consultations Commonwealth Plastic Surgery - Dr. Nimtz talks Consultations WTVQ Lexington, KY c1 3 we're talking about consultations. now, plastic surgery consultation can be a daunting task. many individuals take two to three years before committing to just making the appointment for cosmetic surgery. why is that dr. nimtz? dr. nimtz: well, i think they're scared and i think they don't know what to expect and they don't know if they really want surgery and so it takes them a little bit of time to figure out in their mind what their aspirations are. speaker 1: okay. well, everyone sitting at home who wants to have a consultation, how long would a consultation normally take? dr. who wants to have a consultation, how long would a consultation normally take? dr. nimtz: it depends on what we're talking about, but about an hour is a good, safe plan. speaker 1: okay. let's go through the consultation process. what does it involve? dr. nimtz: first of all the patient would meet together with one of my staff, usually a nurse and a medical history would be taken. then we would probably take some pictures about whatever problem area the person wants to talk about and then they would meet with me. speaker 1: so do encourage people when they come in for a consultation, let's just say they are talking about injectables for their lips. that's a simple procedure. do you encourage them to bring in pictures of what they would like to give you an idea of the visual of what they're thinking? dr. nimtz: yes. there are several different kinds of pictures they can bring in. they can bring in pictures of themselves several years ago if they are saying, "well hey, i just want to get back to this." or, "this is my favorite celebrity. can you make me look like this?" sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it's no. speaker 1: that's where i was going with that question right now. there's a lot of conversation out there that the kardashians, even right up until last week, that they are basically responsible for increasing the injectable business for businesses like yours. when people come in and they bring in these type of images, are you realistic with them? dr. nimtz: yes. i think we try to give them a realistic idea about what they can expect. i don't want them to overestimate what we can do, and i don't want them to underestimate either. i want to give them a fair idea of what they can expect afterwards. speaker 1: okay. now there's obviously a cost when it comes to consultations for surgery. dr. nimtz: mm-hmm . speaker 1: what does that entail? dr. nimtz: it depends on what the consultation is for. if it is a insurance- based thing, that is all dictated by insurance. if it's a cosmetic thing then often that is dictated by whatever prices that we set. speaker 1: okay, i got you. so you're looking, basically you've got the surgeon's fees and supplies and implants of course and operating rooms and anesthesia fees, so don't think you're just going in and then just paying for the operation. there are costs around that. dr. nimtz: right, right. right, right. so when someone comes in and when they meet with us, after the consultation or as part of the consultation we'll break down what the prices are for whatever they're looking for. okay, if that is a breast augmentation, there will be a surgeon's fee, there will be an operating room and an anesthesia fee. we'll tell them where those fees are to go and how it's paid and so forth. speaker 1: right. okay, so and we just want everyone to know as well, when you do these consultations and you decide to go ahead, would you ask for a deposit on these procedures? dr. nimtz: every plastic surgeon is different in that regard. some will ask for a booking fee right at the time if they want to reserve the operating room and others will not. speaker 1: okay, that's good. what should the patient be taking away from a consultation with you? dr. nimtz: this is something that i tell everyone, but i want them to understand what's going through my head and i want me to understand what's going through their head so that we have a meeting of the minds so that everybody is on the same page about what to expect. speaker 1: okay. i walk away. i then phone you. i want to book in for my facelift. okay? do i then come back in for another consultation before the procedure? dr. nimtz: not a consultation, but another visit, yes. at that time we would go a little more in depth about what the risks and the benefits of the procedure are, what to expect. they would likely sign consents and we would give them prescriptions and so forth. speaker 1: well dr. jared, what i find that you've just given us is information and education because people go into these type of procedures unarmed. they don't know what to expect and i think what you're explaining to us right now is giving us information to take away and think about it. we appreciate that. we have an incredible promotion for anyone who wants to go in and just have a consultation. it's free, guys. you'll receive a complimentary consultation with dr. jared nimtz on all cosmetic procedures over there at commonwealth plastic surgery. there's all the information there. give them a call or head over to their website as well. they have some great information on there for you. we appreciate coming in yet again.

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