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Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care

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Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Video: Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care
Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Mon, 04 Sep 2017 16:19:05 +0000 Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care WTVQ Lexington, KY about the famous mommy makeo c1 3 me, the renowned doctor henry wells, from wells plastic surgery and skin care. today's topic is something that you are well-known for in this state of kentucky, and it's called the mommy makeover. it's basically talking about a surgery that's post-pregnancy, am i correct? dr. henry wells: exactly. speaker 1: good. we're going to bring up on the screen now ... of the procedures ... of what is involved in a mommy makeover. let's go though them. we've got the breast lift- dr. henry wells: right. speaker 1: the breast augmentation, the breast reduction, tummy tuck, and also, can include liposuction. dr. henry wells: exactly. speaker 1: here's my question to you, is a mommy makeover meaning you have to have all of those, or- dr. henry wells: not necessarily. speaker 1: okay. talk me through that. dr. henry wells: we have a lot of different options for the patients, so that we can tailor the procedure to their specific needs. typically, the tummy tuck is pretty much the same for everyone- speaker 1: right. dr. henry wells: i mean, the muscles of the abdomen weaken after pregnancy, there's loose skin and stretch marks and the tummy tuck will address all of those things. the breast surgery, a little bit different, because some women have just atrophy of their breast, some women get large breasts during pregnancy, and they have sagging and atrophy, and some women get large breasts and they stay large even after the pregnancy- speaker 1: right. dr. henry wells: so, we offer a breast lift, breast lift and augmentation, augmentation, and breast reduction as part of the mommy makeover process. speaker 1: okay. i'm going to throw you a curve ball here- dr. henry wells: okay. speaker 1: it wasn't on my list of questions. should you really have that decision of not wanting to have anymore children after your mommy makeover? dr. henry wells: oh, yes. speaker 1: okay. dr. henry wells: if you have a mommy makeover, and you have all these procedures done, and you become pregnant again, you could easily start back where you ... go back to where you started and have sagging breasts and a loose tummy, and so forth. speaker 1: okay. dr. henry wells: you can children, but i don't recommend it. speaker 1: all right. we're going to bring up some more reasons why a woman should consider having a mommy makeover, as well. here they are now. as we already talked on a little bit ... them to begin with, sagging breasts, enlarged breasts, excess abdominal skin, and loose stomach muscles. dr. henry wells: yeah. speaker 1: how do you go back in with the tummy tuck? i want to touch on that a little bit more. with the tummy tuck ... what are you actually doing with the tummy tuck? dr. henry wells: well, with pregnancy the uterus expands and those muscles stretch, and actually, a space develops between the rectus muscles in the abdomen- speaker 1: yes. dr. henry wells: so, we not only reduce the amount of loose skin that you have, but we also tighten those abdominal muscles. once we tighten the muscles, we pull the skin down, take out the excess, and bring the belly button out through a new opening in the skin. speaker 1: okay. pros and cons of having a mommy makeover, there up on the screen now as well. flat, youthful tummy ... well, that's a bonus. firmer, well- shaped breasts, clothes and swimwear, of course, fit better. you will look trimmer and younger. restores your appearance and your confidence. now, they're all the pros. dr. henry wells: yeah. speaker 1: they're amazing. dr. henry wells: the thing is ... what you're talking about is, how the patient perceives themselves. after pregnancy all these things happen that cause the breasts to sag, and cause the abdomen to get weak and loose. it affects their perception of themselves, their self-esteem, and it affects their relationships with others. they feel that they would look better and feel better about themselves if they had these things addressed. speaker 1: i was telling a friend of mine that you were coming on and she's had children. she asked me ... she said, "ask doctor wells" ... how long after she has her baby can she have a mommy makeover? dr. henry wells: there are two things: number one, how long do you have to wait after you have the baby? we say at least six months- speaker 1: really? dr. henry wells: but the other thing is nursing. you have to wait at least three months after you stop nursing before you can have surgical procedure on your breasts. speaker 1: i didn't know that. dr. henry wells: yeah. speaker 1: interesting. okay. what other issues should be addressed, doctor wells? is there anything that we haven't covered? dr. henry wells: obviously, you need to know what the potential complications are. you need to know what your down time is going to be, what your recovery's going to be like, and you need to understand the specifics of the procedure ... what they're going to be doing. most importantly, you need to understand what your outcome is going to be like. is that going to address your concerns? i really think it's important for your surgeon to explain to you what your expected outcome would be like, show you pictures and so forth, to make sure that you will get the result that you're looking for. speaker 1: i think that's the most important thing, because you have so many incredible before and afters on your website from mommy makeovers, and you have to be ready. do it for yourself- dr. henry wells: exactly. speaker 1: not for anyone else- dr. henry wells: exactly. speaker 1: because they're your expectations, and your desires- dr. henry wells: right. speaker 1: doctor wells, as always, great information. we appreciate you. if you want to find out more information about wells plastic surgery and skin care, there is all is there, everyone. there's the phone number and the website. hey guys, have a great time. we appreciate you coming in again. back after this short break.

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