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PDA surgery at U of I Vet Hospital

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We're learning about a surgery to help dogs with heart failure. Video: PDA surgery at U of I Vet Hospital
We're learning about a surgery to help dogs with heart failure. Fri, 08 Sep 2017 21:08:50 +0000 PDA surgery at U of I Vet Hospital We're learning about a surgery to help dogs with heart failure. WCIA some would travel nearly 9,000 miles and joining us today is veterinarian with information on a special procedure that can only be done at the veterinary hospital here at the university of illinois. so it can be done other places, but in illinois this is the premier spot, right? >> yes. >> so we're talking pda, not the kind you get caught doing at the mall. >> right. >> this is a different kind? >> it's a different kind. so pda is one of the most common congenital heart diseases in dogs, and this is the persistence of a blood vessel that we're born with. this is an important structure for feet fetal development but norm normally after birth it closed. this is when it remains open. >> where are we talking about here? >> it's associated with the heart. i have a 3d model of an actual, you know, patient who had a pda. this is made with 3d printing from a ct scan. >> isn't it amazing what 3d printers can do? >> this is what we use to teach students and veterinarians and people all over. >> show it to the camera here and show me what you have and how this connects. >> walk us through the procedure here. show us what we're looking at here so that we can see it. >> what we can do is there is one of the ways that we do to fix the pdas to do a nonminimally invasive interventional procedure where we place the catheter on the artery of the leg. this is the device that we use to occlude the pda, which is called the canine ductal occluder. it's a tiny device made out of metal. it's very hard but it's also flexible as well. >> you put that in the duct? >> so this is the dog's right side of the heart, and from t the -- the top two chambers are called the atriums and the bottom two are the ventricles. the defect is between the aorta which is the blood vessel that carries the blood to the body and pulmonary artery that carries it to the lungs. there's a connection between the aorta and pulmonary artery, so normally the blood is supposed to go through the aorta to the rest of the body. that blood gets, you know, into the pulmonary or circulating back into the pulmonary artery and can cause enlargement of the left side of the heart. >> and that's problematic for what reason? what is that? i'm thinking heart and lungs and that's what it's supposed to be. not the way that i'm thinking. >> yeah. so when dogs have pda most of them will go into congestive heart failure, which is where they build up fluid in the lungs. most dogs if it's not corrected will have a shorter lifetime. >> let's talk about one of the dogs that flew nearly 9,000 miles to get it corrected. we're talking about nana. she came from bangkok? >> yeah. so dr. jordan day, who is my mentor and one of the cardiologists at the u of i recently traveled to bangkok to teach a course in cardiology. that's when he met nana. >> look at nana there. >> oh. >> she's very adorable and very sweet. >> so he heard her story there, so when he learned that, you know, veterinarians in thailand couldn't perform the procedure to fix her pda, you know, he found opportunity to, you know, create an educational exchange. the owner was interested in flying her here to have the procedure done. >> wow. that is so exciting. there they are getting ready to do some work, right? >> we saw they're miling faces so i presume she went through great. >> she did. the procedure went very well and she's doing very well. >> how do we know whether our dogs in central illinois or the greater area are going to need a procedure like this? >> yeah. so a lot of dogs may not have any clinical signs at home, but one of the things that they can do is to bring their -- if they get a puppy, take them -- take the dog to a veterinarian. one of the biggest things they hear is a murmur, and with pda they have a specific type of murmur called continuous murmur. it sounds like a washing machine, and that's when they typically suspect that the patient has a pda and that's when they usually get referred to us for us to evaluate the dog and perform the procedure. >> yeah. we're so glad that nana came through with flying colors. so cool to have these resources available right here in central illinois. thank you so much. thank you so much for having me. >> yes. we'll have more information on this procedure at you can get connected. >> you know what i think is really cool about that story? you're universal love for pets. it doesn't matter if you live overseas or here, we all love our dogs and would do anything to save them. >> fly 9,000 miles. >> and create a cultural opportunity. cool. >>> up next, do you have a child or grandchild prepping for college? we have the top things to get in order before that first semester maybe at the u of i. >> later on "ci living," ryan

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