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Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care

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Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Video: Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care
Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Tue, 08 Aug 2017 16:48:06 +0000 Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Wells Plastic Surgery & Skin Care WTVQ Lexington, KY c1 3 surgery and skin care has stopped by the office to talk to us a little bit about the dos and don'ts about plastic surgery and we've put this out there for all of our clients to tell us some questions that they would like to hear. are you ready for that dr. henry wells: i'm ready. speaker 1: all right, so before having a surgical consultation with a plastic surgeon, what homework should patients do on a surgeon beforehand and what do you need to look for during a consult? that's a good question. dr. henry wells: well, first of all how do you pick a plastic surgeon and we recommend that you choose a board certified plastic surgeon. certified by the american board of medical specialties and they have a done a residency in plastic surgery and had extensive training and also have passed tests to prove that they are qualified to be plastic surgeons. find out if their credentials by your local hospital. speaker 1: oh, that's smart. dr. henry wells: make sure that they have privileges at the hospital to do the surgery that you want to have done in the hospital as well as in their private surgical facility. i think that it's important to go to the internet and you can go to sites like the american society of plastic surgery or surgeons and the american society of aesthetic plastic surgeons and all the members of those groups, are board certified plastic surgeons. speaker 1: okay, interesting. all right. our next question is a plastic surgeon may look good on paper, but how do you know he or she is the right surgeon for you? dr. henry wells: well, once you find a plastic surgeon that looks good on paper ... speaker 1: yeah. dr. henry wells: you need to have a consultation, so you can interview the plastic surgeon in person and find out how you relate to that plastic surgeon. does he take time to answer your questions? does he appear genuinely interested in your concerns? make sure that he spends the right amount of time to answer those questions and we even ask our patients to come back if they think of questions after they have their consultation and we also have their consultation on our website with touchmd. speaker 1: i like that touchmd. i just to tell everyone i went over last week to have a consultation with you and to see what the process is like. dr. henry wells: right. speaker 1: it takes depending on the type of consultation you're having. what i found interesting after i had the conversation with you, you then took me into another room and then broke it down even more and that's i felt comfortable with. dr. henry wells: well good. speaker 1: you telling me and showing me what is possible. all right, the next third one is, is it easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information you receive in a consultation? i can assure you, it can become overwhelming and the choices you have. what should you do to get the most from your appointment? that's a good question. dr. henry wells: well, one of the challenges that i face as a plastic surgeon is trying to get, make sure the patient has all the information they need to make a good decision about their surgery. the amount of information that you have to give them and they way you have to present it, so that they understand it, can be daunting. a couple of things that the patient can do is bring someone with them who is familiar with the procedure, so that you can compare notes after your consultation is over with. speaker 1: okay. dr. henry wells: it's really good to write down questions, go through what your concerns are, what the different options are that you can see. get on the internet for example, but make a list of questions before you go in and make sure that those questions are answered before you leave the practice. speaker 1: how do you feel about, just say you don't have somebody come with you. how do you feel about the c1 3 patient taking notes? then you were saying that you're really okay with them calling you back or ... dr. henry wells: oh, yeah, i think that's a great idea. speaker 1: yeah. dr. henry wells: certainly if you take notes then you're going to remember what i've said a little bit better and i think that just about everyone has questions after they leave the office. you never think of all the things that you want to ask. speaker 1: no, you do not. dr. henry wells: we encourage our patients to call us back if they have questions and we also have, if they decide to have surgery, we'll have them come back in two weeks before the surgery and we'll go over the procedure, what we're going to do, the risk of the procedure and their post operative instructions on how to take care of themselves and what the recovery will be like. speaker 1: i've got one more question for you doctor. are you ready for this one? what are the don'ts? are you ready for this? that can get in the way of having a good plastic surgery consultation? what shouldn't you do? dr. henry wells: well ... speaker 1: expect to look like jane fonda? dr. henry wells: my job is to make sure that we give you the right, that you understand what the outcome is going to be like. speaker 1: yeah. dr. henry wells: you have appropriate expectations from the surgery. speaker 1: good, good. dr. henry wells: but, another thing that you should do, is don't have any distractions when you're in the office. make sure that if you have, we welcome children to come to our practice, but it does distract from the consultation and it can distract you from understanding what we're trying to do, what we're going to do. if you have children, it's a good idea, if you bring them, have someone with them, so that they're not going to be in there interrupting you during your consultation and again, like i said, it's good to have someone with you that can answer questions or that can also ... speaker 1: you need to take the time to be able to just sit and absorb what you're telling us. dr. henry wells: exactly. speaker 1: we appreciate you dr. wells. if you want to find out more information about wells plastic surgery and skin care, there's the phone number. head over to the website. as we've said it's a great website. you can get all the information on there. you know what, give sheila a call. it was the gal that i called your office gal. your right hand woman. dr. henry wells: she's great. speaker 1: she sorted me out. i loved it. dr. wells, thank you so much.

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