Dr. Michael Lange’s Fortifeye Vitamins Announces Advanced Dry Eye Therapy – Sold Out In Just Three Weeks

OCALA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 8, 2019 / Fortifeye Vitamins announced today that its Advanced Dry Eye Therapy, which hit the market three weeks ago, has already sold out of what was projected to be one year’s worth of inventory, just by making an announcement on Dr. Michael Lange’s Radio show.

Advanced Dry Eye Therapy is a nutritional support for dry eyes, digital strain and fatigue that protects retinas from harmful blue light. The combination of Fortifeye Super Omega, Fortifeye Focus and Fortifeye Black Currant oil/GLA work together to decrease dry, fatigued and tired eyes. These supplements help to control oxidation and inflammation in the eye and entire body, with a combination used for years in busy dry eye centers throughout the country – but is now available for the first time to the public.

“Our Advanced Dry Eye Therapy is the simple solution to combat dry and fatigued eyes with a natural approach for excellent results,” said Dr. Michael Lange. “With the combination of three natural supplements that help control oxidation and inflammation in the eye and entire body, you’ll be able to go through the day feeling comfortable and seeing clear.”

Having launched on Lange’s radio show, Ask The Dr., Fortifeye’s Advanced Dry Eye Therapy is the latest natural approach for helping the patients with dry, tired eyes with numerous other general health benefits. Patients are excited about the more natural and less expensive option to help treat tired and dry eyes. Dr. Lange and The Lange Eye Institute continue to see amazing results using and all natural approach for dry eye patients.

The three supplements included in Fortifeye’s Advanced Eye Therapy are packaged together and discounted dramatically over buying them each individually.

For information about Advanced Dry Eye Therapy, or to purchase the product, please visit www.fortifeye.com/products/advanced-dry-eye-therapy

About Fortifeye Vitamins

Fortifeye is a company based on one goal: To promote better ocular and general health through a combination of the right ingredients based on the right science. Fortify Vitamins Inc. is the parent company of Fortifeye Nutraceuticals. Fortify Vitamins corporate headquarters is based out of Ocala, Florida and has had 10 research centers scattered throughout Florida. Fortify Vitamins goal is to continuously research and develop the latest evidence-based nutraceuticals to aid in total body and ocular health. Fortifeye wants to help patients become proactive in their health through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, because of this Dr. Michael Lange and The Lange Eye Institute see patients from all over the country. Fortifeye believes in patient and doctor education. Fortifeye is trying to help create a new standard of care for eye care practitioners throughout the world using proper nutrition.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Michael Lange
Optometric Physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist
Email: eyedude92@icloud.com

SOURCE: Fortifeye Vitamins

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