Medicomp Systems Adds New Clinical Content to Address the Coronavirus Outbreak

WASHINGTON, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —

In 1978, Medicomp Systems pioneered its patented Quippe Clinical Data Engine, co-designed with physicians, to transform disorganized, complex arrays of medical data into structured, clinically relevant information at the point-of-care. The Quippe suite of solutions delivers longitudinal patient information within a problem-oriented clinical view, mirroring the way physicians think and work. Leading health systems and over 100,000 users/day rely on Medicomp’s expertise to improve care delivery. (PRNewsfoto/Medicomp Systems)

With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, Medicomp Systems has added new clinical content aimed at supporting the accurate diagnosis and documentation of suspected cases in the United States and globally.

Medicomp’s clinical knowledge base team is constantly monitoring new and existing clinical diagnoses, guidelines and terminology to ensure systems and databases are up to date. Medicomp’s solutions have been updated to include additional terms and mappings to support the accurate documentation, reporting and treatment of the new COVID-19 coronavirus strain.

Medicomp has also updated its clinical AI engine to support full clinical workups for suspected cases and to help providers quickly find virus-related data within their EHRs, such as identifying patients who recently traveled to affected areas. All updates are available to MEDCIN and Quippe customers.

Given the potential pandemic conditions, Medicomp believes it’s imperative that providers have point-of-care access to information that supports the accurate diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus. Medicomp will continue to update its content and knowledge base should standardized codes be modified to address the coronavirus or future health conditions that threaten the public’s well-being.

Medicomp is committed to providing its customers and partners with timely updates that help clinician end users quickly identify and treat affected patients. For more information on Medicomp’s new coronavirus content or for any questions about Medicomp’s clinical AI engine, please email [email protected].

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