Secure Transfusion Solutions Announces Company Name Change and Opening of its Third Trusting Heart Blood Center in Beaverton, Oregon

  • Formerly recognized as Secure Transfusion Services, the company will now be known as “Secure Transfusion Solutions,” and has moved its headquarters from South San Francisco, California to Austin, Texas
  • Trusting Heart Blood Center, STS’ brand and donor-facing entity, opened a new platelet collection facility in Beaverton, Oregon

AUSTIN, Texas, July 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Secure Transfusion Solutions (STS), a private life sciences company pioneering innovative blood transfusion solutions in an effort to overcome the nation’s growing blood and platelet shortage, announced it has changed its name from “Secure Transfusion Services” to “Secure Transfusion Solutions” and has moved its headquarters from South San Francisco, California to Austin, Texas. STS provides healthcare institutions, both large and small, with a consistent and reliable supplemental source of platelets, while also aiming to increase the quality, safety, and availability of platelets and other transfusable blood components.

The transition of the company’s name comes at a time of rapid expansion and continued growth within the blood transfusion industry. Today, STS’ brand and donor-facing entity, Trusting Heart Blood Center (THBC), announced the opening of its new platelet collection facility in Beaverton, Oregon, making it the third center opened since THBC’s inception alongside those in Edina, Minnesota and Raleigh, North Carolina which opened in the Spring of 2020 and March of 2022, respectively.

“The opening of the THBC Beaverton collection center marks a major milestone in our mission to permanently increase patient and hospital access to secure and sustainable platelet supplies across the nation,” said Vijai Mohan, Founder and CEO of Secure Transfusion Solutions. “Our new company name reinforces our commitment to be more than just a service provider. Instead, STS offers immediate and permanent solutions to the growing challenges that upend the provisioning of life saving care for patients in the hospital setting.”

The new THBC donation facility is located at 11350 SW Canyon Rd, Suite 201 in Beaverton, OR and is now accepting platelet donations. Those interested in donating platelets and joining our mission can register for their first donation, in each of our locations, on our website, here.

About Secure Transfusion Solutions

Secure Transfusion Solutions (STS) is a life sciences company pioneering innovative methods to overcome the nation’s growing blood and platelet shortage. Its purpose is to restore hope, build trust and improve quality of life by increasing patient access to readily available and safe transfusion solutions. An innovative company able to execute strategies out of reach of others in the transfusion space, STS provides healthcare institutions with safe and consistent service and true supply chain diversification. By partnering with STS, hospital systems increase confidence in the sourcing of blood components, better preparing them to meet evolving patient transfusion needs. For more information, visit

About the Platelet Shortage

Each day, hospitals around the U.S. require an average of 7,000 platelet doses, and with the national blood and platelet shortage, a significant number of hospitals struggle to meet this demand. The majority of platelet transfusions at hospitals are used to prevent bleeding in certain cancer patients and those undergoing cardiac surgeries and organ transplants. Platelets have a shorter shelf life than typical blood components alone and must be transfused within five to seven days from collection, driving a continuous need. Exacerbated by industry challenges to the effective recruitment of blood donors, hospital demand for platelet units continues to exceed available supply.

About Trusting Heart Blood Center
Do Good. Get Paid. Save Lives.

Building a community of recurring, impassioned donors by offering a first-in-class experience with state-of-the-art facilities and by responsibly compensating donors for their time, THBC has reimagined the typical platelet donation which has proven successful in recruiting and retaining a new generation of blood donors. Platelets collected at THBC can supplement and diversify hospitals’ supplies with 100% pathogen-reduced, single-donor apheresis platelets. Willing to lead where others can’t or won’t, THBC provides safe and consistent service to its customers and donors, offering supply chain diversification enabling hospitals to have confidence that blood inventories are available when needed most.

Individuals interested in becoming donors can find more information at our website here, or call (844)-222-7001.

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