Agiloft Partners with the University of Miami Health System to Streamline Healthcare Billing and Contracts

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Agiloft, the global standard in contract and commerce lifecycle management, today announced that the University of Miami Health System (UHealth), the largest medical provider in South Florida, selected Agiloft to streamline healthcare billing and contracts for increased visibility across the healthcare network.

UHealth needed a contract lifestyle management solution capable of providing real-time assistance to its contract managers, allowing them to interface effectively with more than 500 vendors, including insurance companies, hospitals, and other organizations accountable for payments. UHealth’s network is made up of 33 separate sites with more than 1,200 doctors and scientists and 700 medical students focused on all stages of patient care.

“We wanted a way to associate the actions and exchanges with our vendors with the actual contracts and be able to compare them,” said James Anderson, data architect at UHealth. “We also needed to give visibility of the contracts to our central billing office and other teams across our network.”

In addition, UHealth wanted a solution that could integrate with the medical record software Epic—which now hosts the records of more than 250 million patients worldwide. After vetting four solutions, UHealth selected Agiloft.

“We decided that there’s nobody as flexible as Agiloft—all of the other guys are so rigid that we couldn’t define what we wanted within the system,” said Anderson.

UHealth is implementing Agiloft in three phases. Phase one addressed legacy data and the initial design of UHealth’s new system interface. Agiloft used automation to import a large batch of legacy files and over 500 vendors from MediTract to Agiloft. To support current operations, Agiloft incorporated AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) categories and classifications (such as: hospital, professional, Medicare, Medicaid) that would allow for accurate reporting and search results.

In phase two, UHealth will enter all new vendors into the Agiloft solution, supported by uniquely customized workflow approvals. In the final phase, integration with Epic will tie the Agiloft data directly to the medical record plan code. With this capability, UHealth will have an instantaneous link between the activity performed and the billing associated with that activity. Dynamic reports based on this data allow for a more robust review of the initial contracts and a seamless billing process.

“The healthcare industry is primed for the digitization of manual, resource-heavy processes like contract management and billing,” said Colin Earl, CEO of Agiloft. “A recent study by Black Book found that manual contract management costs healthcare providers nearly $157 billion per year. Automating contract management can save valuable time while also enhancing security, ultimately allowing healthcare providers to focus on delivering the best possible patient care.”

With Agiloft, visibility across the entire organization has vastly improved. UHealth team members have also begun to embrace their role in contract ownership, challenging agreements and tracking down the information that they need.

To learn more about Agiloft’s Contract Management Suite, please visit the product information page.

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