Lead Medical Announces Series A Financing

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2019 / Lead Medical, a medical big data and AI company delivering cardiovascular and gynecology solutions in China to improve medical workflow efficiency and quality of care, announced it has closed Series A funding. “We hope to continue providing data driven solutions to a wider range of front-line healthcare professionals (HCPs) in China. Our goal is to streamline data entry and extraction to allow clean and organized data to be delivered right to the HCPs’ fingertips,” said Jeffrey Hsu MD, CEO of Lead Medical.”

The financing was led by Taya Ventures, a private investment firm headed by Ryan Shen. Mr. Shen, “I believe data in the digital age is extremely valuable when it’s properly managed, analyzed and utilized. Lead Medical is a catalyst to bringing dormant data alive. I look forward to the possibility that clean data brings to the healthcare industry in China and abroad.” The round also included Hangzhou-based firm Vision Plus VC.

The latest round of funding will allow Lead Medical to deepen existing hospital partnerships, broaden the reach of the flagship Willow Data solution suite, and establish new partnerships with local and international device manufacturers in China. In addition, the company intends to use the capital to support the development of provincial and municipal projects, and further build out its sales and marketing, customer success, and development teams.

Dr. Hsu adds, “Cutting edge big data and AI solutions should be embedded in daily workflow so HCPs can garner the benefits without investing time to learn the technical aspects of the technology. Our solutions have reduced data processing and input time by up to 95% in some of the top Chinese public hospitals. As a result, Chinese HCPs can focus on delivering better care in a high volume, high velocity healthcare system.”

About Lead medical

Lead Medical, formerly known as Yawlih Technology, founded in July 2015 is a provider of data service and advanced analytics to healthcare professionals in China. Lead Medical serves public hospitals in China with the goal of minimizing redundant manual input and errors in daily hospital workflow. The company’s data warehouse is built upon natural language processing and machine learning technologies and tailored specifically for Chinese hospitals while being compatible with international standards. Currently, the company is the go-to partner for local hospitals in the era of data driven decisions, management, and innovation.


About Taya Venture Capital

Taya Ventures, founded in 1998, is an investment company affiliated with Daya Wire & Cable Group. Development Fund for strategic services investment. We have integrated industry experts with more than 10 years of venture capital experience, CEOs of Asia’s top media advertising groups, and investment teams composed of senior executives of several listed technology companies.


About Vision Plus Capital

Vision Plus Capital provides wide-ranging support for start-ups, including talent introduction, strategy review, operational optimization and financing strategy assistance. Vision Plus Capital focuses on the Consumer Internet, Enterprise Services, Digital Health and Advanced Computing, with the capacity to invest in both RMB and USD. Vision Plus Capital aims to provide early stage investments with a focus mainly on series A and series B funding rounds. We believe that the entrepreneurs at this stage are at a critical juncture of transformation from “Zero to One” to “One Plus”. Product development, operational improvement, team management are the typical areas that require significant improvements for start-ups at this stage. We, therefore focus on addressing these needs during their transformational period and provide continuous support to entrepreneurs to help them build market-leading companies.


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