North Pole Engineering Releases Runn Smart Treadmill Sensor

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — North Pole Engineering announces the Runn™ smart treadmill sensor, a wireless speed, incline and cadence sensor for use with virtually any treadmill. Capturing treadmill workout data in real-time, Runn wirelessly communicates with mobile apps and wearables using Bluetooth low energy.

Key features include:

  • Simple installation – easily mounts to treadmill decks
  • Real-time treadmill metrics – speed, incline and cadence
  • Bluetooth low energy and ANT connectivity – easily connect and log workouts with apps and wearables
  • Battery/USB powered – large built-in rechargeable battery for months of cable-free use

“We built Runn to make it easy to convert any treadmill into a smart treadmill. Smart treadmills combined with apps like Zwift, The Sufferfest and Virtual Runner open up unique and engaging workout experiences for runners keeping them highly motivated when working out indoors,” said Jeff Lasch, Senior Product Manager for North Pole Engineering.

“Runn is a great, low-cost upgrade for any treadmill.  With its accurate transmission of real-time data over Bluetooth, the Runn is a fantastic way to unlock the power of Zwift, making your indoor running not just great training, but most importantly a fun workout,” said Mike McCarthy, VP Running at Zwift.

Runn will be available for pre-order starting November 25th at

About North Pole Engineering

North Pole Engineering, Inc is an Internet of Things (IoT) product and engineering services company. North Pole Engineering specializes in providing sensors and enabling technologies to various markets including sports, fitness, and wellness. North Pole Engineering help clients implement cost-effective technology for their sensor-based products and systems to efficiently move data to the Internet where it can enhance operations, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences. Learn more about Runn, CABLE, GEM Bluetooth/ANT+ modules, WASP IoT gateway, and our engineering services on our website at

If you would like to learn more about Runn, please email us at [email protected] or call 612-305-0440.


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