Purpl Scientific Names Delta 9 Systems a Premier Distributor of “Purpl PRO” – a Revolutionary, Lab-Accurate, Portable, Smart Testing System for Cannabis and Hemp

ST. LOUIS, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Purpl Scientific (www.purplscientific.com) announced that Delta 9 Systems (Delta 9) is now a Premier Level Master Distributor. Last August, Delta 9 became a distributor of the Purpl PRO – a revolutionary, lab accurate hand-held cannabis and hemp potency measurement system. In just three months, Delta 9 emerged as one of the leading distributors of the device, with robust sales throughout the world.

The Purpl PRO allows users to conduct limitless THC and CBD tests. The compact device uses the same technology used in the pharmaceutical industry, where accuracy is paramount. The Purpl PRO connects to a user’s smartphone and creates a robust cannabis potency testing system in the palm of the hand, with lab-accurate results in under ten seconds.

Delta 9 has vast experience in the cannabis industry and understands the challenges throughout the sector’s eco-system. The company works with pheno hunters, breeders, cultivators, brokers, processors, distributors, labs, and dispensaries.

“The Purpl PRO is a tool that every cannabis professional should have,” Chris Guthrie, General Manager at Delta 9, said. “Whether you are seeking a strain with particular qualities, or making sure your hemp field isn’t THC hot, or double-checking a shipment you want to buy or sell, the Purpl PRO is indispensable.”

Guthrie said that one of his clients was able to save his hemp field when he discovered some rows of hot plants. He used the Purpl PRO to test and eliminate non-compliant plants. He estimates the Purpl PRO saved him over $4,000 in conventional testing, and kept him out of trouble with law enforcement.

“Knowledge is power,” Guthrie said. “Affordably priced, Purpl PRO gives power and insight to anyone in the cannabis industry.”

For information on Purpl Scientific, call: (833) 787-7534 or visit: www.purplscientific.com.

For information on Delta 9 Systems, call: (877) 303-8957 or visit: delta9systems.com/solutions-cannabis-potency-measurement

About Purpl Scientific, Inc.
Purpl Scientific developed the Purpl PRO to provide lab-quality test results in a compact, portable device. The Purpl PRO confirms cannabis quality and chemical composition throughout the lifecycle – from cultivation to consumption. Using technology proven in the pharmaceutical industry, the Purpl PRO is the world’s first hand-held device that provides accurate, instant results in an affordable, smart-phone enabled portable device.

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