Therapeer Launches Peer-Led Mobile App

NEW YORK, Dec. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Therapeer, the nation’s first mobile app to offer private, peer-to-peer virtual support groups to improve emotional wellness, launched today for iOS and Android. Providing immediate, issue-based chat sessions led by a person in need (“Host”), Therapeer is completely anonymous and free to participate. Therapeer is a safe space to discuss urgent topics that might be too sensitive, too revealing or just too uncomfortable to discuss anywhere else – providing a way to transform one’s struggles into strength.

Therapeer was created in response to the increasing rise of loneliness and anxiety in our culture, which has been shown to have alarming negative health impacts. Each of the virtual rooms center on a specific issue such as divorce, anxiety, depression, parenting, self-esteem, and beyond. Therapeer discussion rooms are limited to 2-3 peers in order to create an intimate and protected discussion environment to help the host.

“We were inspired by research revealing that talking about your issues is a fundamental first step on the road to mental wellness,” remarks Charlie Federman, co-founder of Therapeer. “Our mission with Therapeer is to create a safe, affordable place for people to feel supported and not completely alone on their life’s journey, and perhaps even make a difference in someone else’s life.”


Join as a Peer when you want to help

Participate in emotional support rooms as a Peer by helping other community members who are coping with life challenges, particularly where you have relevant personal experience.

Join as a Host when you need help

Create your very own support room immediately (for a fee of $4.99), or for free after you have earned “Kudos” by helping others in previous support rooms. Advanced algorithms choose the most relevant peers from the community who are currently available to help you. The small group will then join you to discuss your life challenges.

Therapeer is not a professional mental health care app, and does not provide medical advice or psychiatric diagnosis. Unlike teletherapy apps, Therapeer is a pure peer-to-peer experience that supports the concept that by helping others, you can help yourself.

Users can download the app free of charge in the iOS or Android app stores now. To learn more about Therapeer, please visit

For inquiries, please contact [email protected]. For downloadable Therapeer images, please click here.

Therapeer is the nation’s first mobile app to offer peer-led emotional support groups. Created in response to the rise of loneliness and anxiety in our culture, Therapeer was founded on the belief that talking about your issues and in turn supporting others can lead to a state of positive mental health and wellness. Therapeer offers private, issue-based chat sessions hosted by someone in need amongst a small group of peers. Completely anonymous and free to participate, the Therapeer app offers real-time support from peers who share personal experiences, coping strategies, and provide a sense of community.

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