How Continuum is Increasing Transparency in the Healthcare Industry Through Its Patented Technology

AUSTIN, Texas, April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Continuum Health Technologies is proud to be the first to market with its proprietary technology that enables healthcare providers to provide timely and accurate estimation of service costs, as required by law. Continuum’s Patient Estimator uses real-time, goal-driven analytical processing to collect patient balances prior to service, ensuring that balances that are unable to be collected are appropriately and proactively addressed by financial counselors. Patient Messenger allows patients to access their charts and prescription info remotely and book virtual doctor appointments, ensuring accurate, up-to-date information on patients.

Patient Estimator focuses on delivering results. Through proprietary algorithms, Patient Estimator takes historical claim and remittance data, as well as registration and scheduling data to create a database of payment patterns. Through an analysis of those patterns, Patient Estimator is able to provide copay amounts, outstanding deductible amounts, and estimated coinsurance amounts after insurance pays. For overall improvement, Patient Estimator also generates performance reporting down to the department and user to track the potential to collect versus the actual amount collected.

Patient Messenger is a multi-access healthcare portal that empowers patients with remote access to several critical components of their healthcare. Remote access to charts, prescription info and booking of virtual doctor appointments elevates health care with the most up-to-date information. Increased transparency of patient history creates a safer environment for prescribing medication and reduces the clutter of paperwork for providers.

Continuum Health Technologies has developed a flexible framework that allows healthcare organizations to apply real-time analytics and workflow to any data source and events from any system, combining decision-making knowledge with real-time operational data. With its advanced platform, organizations can improve cash flow, reduce bad debt, reduce collection agency expenses, and improve patient satisfaction through increased communication and clear information that lets them know what is owed upfront.

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