Airphysio Portable Mucus Removal Device For Atelectasis Symptom Relief Launched

When diagnosed with an acute respiratory condition, even simple everyday tasks can be challenging. Life Wellness Healthcare has announced a non-invasive solution that can help people with lung diseases improve their quality of life.

Tweed Heads, Australia, Nov. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The online health store has updated its selection of goods with Airphysio, an innovative medical breathing apparatus for treating atelectasis and other severe respiratory conditions. The all-natural solution is suitable for people of all age groups and can be used safely at home.

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With the announcement, Life Wellness Healthcare aims to provide atelectasis sufferers with an affordable, drug-free device that can significantly alleviate their symptoms. Airphysio complements the retailer’s range of products intended to improve the well-being of people having problems with breathing.

Atelectasis is a condition that prevents some of the air sacs, or alveoli, from filling up with air due to blockage of one or more parts of the lung. This results in limited gas exchange, causing a buildup of fluid that compresses one or both lungs and prevents them from inflating optimally.

This respiratory condition is a common post-surgery complication. However, people with underlying breathing difficulties, smokers, and those diagnosed with sleep apnea are also at risk of developing atelectasis. And while it may go away without healing if small areas of the lungs are affected, more serious cases may require surgery or other mucus removal treatment.

Life Wellness Healthcare’s Airphysio device can mobilize the body to start its natural mucus clearance process and encourage easier secretion without the need of visiting a medical facility. The lung expander utilizes oscillating expiratory pressure (OPEP), a non-invasive technology that uses vibration to unstick mucus from airway walls. The method brings the fluids to the top of the lungs to make the process of expelling them easy.

Airphysio is a portable, convenient device known to be effective for 99% of individuals with breathing issues. Clients are recommended to use Airphysio for about five minutes up to three times a day for optimal results.

A satisfied customer said: “Having only used this product for a couple of weeks, I can already feel a difference. I am very satisfied with this product as I can breathe better and that makes me feel better overall!”

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