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SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — is the advertising-based directory that requires all treatment-to-transition programs, boarding schools, wilderness therapy programs, parent coaching and hybrid Gap Year programs to answer facts about ownership, licensing, accreditation, treatment model(s), creating a level of transparency for visitors that no other online directory requires.

Most of All Kind of Therapy’s advertisers are marketing to a family paying ‘out of pocket’ for their teen or adult child to receive treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma, or co-occurring substance abuse. Beginning at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and now with the continued variants, searches for insurance-related mental health services in residential treatment or reading blogs related to successfully navigating insurance hurdles are up 50%. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shared a study the mental health of children and teens is tied to a parent or caregiver’s mental health. “The website is designed to showcase treatment-to-transition options for teens and young adults yet the family system must be supported, too,” said Jenney Wilder, M.S.Ed. and owner of the website. “Over the last year, more parent coaches are advertising and subscription-based virtual communities designed to support parents are also a growing service.” The pandemic’s novel stressors highlight that the whole family system needs more support than ever, and the website’s continuing traffic growth reveals that the additional family virtual or in-person workshops, weekly Zoom calls, virtual parent groups, private Facebook groups, gender specific groups have provided needed, additional support through the last year on

About All Kinds of Therapy
Launched in 2015, All Kinds of Therapy is a web-based platform that focuses on interventions, assessment, and varying types of treatment-to-transition programming for ages 30 and under. All advertisers on the website must answer revealing facts about their treatment model, clinicians’ training, licensing and ownership, offering a level of transparency unlike any other online treatment, boarding school, or professional directory. The platform allows visitors to compare all levels of care side-by-side, and find an ‘Expert’ to facilitate the treatment-to-transition process and family system. The blog provides an educational space for parents and young adults sharing current trends, and to gain insight about the Family Choice Behavioral Healthcare and addiction /recovery fields.

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