LifeOmic Relaunches LIFE Ascent Personal Health Optimization Program with Focus on Scientific Content for a Healthier Life and Sustainable Weight Loss

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LifeOmic, the creators of the LIFE mobile apps, today announced the relaunch of its personal health optimization program, LIFE Ascent. The science-based, educational program provides users with the community, tools and knowledge to improve both their physical and mental health all within a single mobile app. The enhanced program will focus on 13 specific topics and how each can be influenced by practicing the five pillars of health — physical activity, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep and intermittent fasting.

LIFE Ascent participants will learn about each of the 13 health topics from leading medical experts in their field, including metabolic health, cardiovascular health, mental health, cancer prevention and healthy aging, over the span of at least 52 weeks. The even richer program content includes daily videos, recipes, exercises and educational courses from Lifeology, the company’s health literacy platform. By consuming daily educational content and receiving personal coaching, participants will learn how the function and health of different organ systems impacts their overall health and wellness, weight and longevity, while creating lasting habits.

“We’re relaunching LIFE Ascent to make it easier for consumers to unlock behavior changes that will help them build life-long healthy habits,” said Dr. Don Brown, CEO and founder of LifeOmic. “This new approach to personal wellness teaches participants how to restore their body inside and out, all from their smartphones without yo-yo-dieting or calorie counting.”

LIFE Ascent also offers an optional 72-biomarker blood panel and robust success kit that includes tools to help people measure their weight, blood pressure, lung health, grip strength, body fat percentage and more. These tools include a connected digital scale, blood pressure meter, spirometer, dynamometer, calipers and measuring tape to provide participants with a set of measurement tools to drive an informed, personalized wellness program.

After completing all 13 courses, participants will keep access to the complete course content and have access to LifeOmic’s ongoing healthy aging and longevity program.

LIFE Ascent starts at $200 for the year, with the option to purchase monthly, quarterly or semi-annually available. Learn more and sign up for LIFE Ascent at

About LifeOmic:
LifeOmic is the software company that leverages the cloud, machine learning and mobile devices to power precision health solutions for providers, researchers, healthcare IT, pharma, employers and individuals. The company’s cloud-based software securely aggregates, stores and analyzes health data to accelerate the development and delivery of precision health treatments.

LifeOmic’s enterprise product portfolio consists of the Precision Health Cloud, a cloud-based repository of all clinical data such as a basic profile, whole genome sequences, gene expression levels, lab results, medical images, and more to power solutions for recovery, monitoring, research, patient-reported outcomes, health literacy, treatment and survivorship, as well as LifeOmic Precision Wellness, the employee wellness and engagement platform. The company’s suite of consumer products includes the LIFE Ascent personal wellness solution and the LIFE Extend and LIFE Fasting tracker mobile apps; the LIFE Apps health resources website and SkillSpring for connecting domain experts with consumers.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Indianapolis, LifeOmic was created by serial entrepreneur Don Brown and boasts a team of highly experienced engineers, scientists and security specialists.

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