Reflect Partners with Trust Relations to Promote its Anxiety Tech ‘Orb’ to Help You Reach Your Calmest State through Meditation

Reflect’s consumer tech devices create and track mindful moments using biofeedback so you can train your body to self-soothe in stressful moments

WILLIAMS, Ariz., July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The fast-growing strategic communications and integrated marketing agency Trust Relations today announced that Reflect, an award-winning leader in anxiety tech for tackling mental health, mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation, hired the global firm as its official PR agency of record. The partnership demonstrates Trust Relations’ expertise in consumer tech PR as well as the agency’s continued growth, as the firm has doubled in size and revenue every year since its inception four years ago.

Reflect teamed up with Trust Relations to raise further awareness of the Reflect Orb and App as a new consumer tech solution among mainstream, health and wellness, consumer technology and lifestyle publications. The comforting wellness companion/orb uses your body’s signals to provide color-coded indicators, bringing greater awareness to your unconscious mental state and response to relaxation techniques as it guides you to your calmest self.

Trust Relations was brought on to position Reflect as a leader in consumer health and wellness tech as burnout, depression, and anxiety have reached all-time highs and affect an estimated 625 million people worldwide. Additionally, the agency was recruited to showcase Reflect’s executive leadership team with impressive backgrounds in neuroscience and innovative product design.

“Mental health awareness continues to rise, as does the practice of meditation, which has tripled over the last decade in the U.S.” said Noga Sapir, founder and CEO of Reflect. “Especially in a post-COVID world, we anticipate more people will be looking for health tech devices to take care of themselves from the safety and comfort of their homes vs. putting further demands on an already strained and overburdened healthcare system. It was the time for us to bring greater awareness to our mission to help people better manage their stress and anxiety. We’re thrilled to be working with the Trust Relations team to help spread the word about how users, especially stressed and overwhelmed millennials, can take control of their wellbeing and build long-lasting habits for improved mental health.”

Reflect helps users gain control of their mental and emotional well-being by developing everyday habits that guide them to a relaxed state of mind. Its two-part system combines the Reflect App with the Reflect Orb, which measures heart rate variability (HRV) and electrodermal activity (EDA) to provide visual feedback on the user’s mental state. The soft Orb’s glowing light ring changes color in response to your stress levels and mental state. When paired with the Reflect App, users can schedule and track their meditation/self-reflection sessions, journal about their feelings and experiences, and learn more about how neuroscience and mindfulness can work together to achieve an optimal state of calmness.

The Trust Relations team developed a comprehensive media engagement plan to increase overall brand awareness and elevate Reflect’s executive team as industry pioneers in holistic wellness. To achieve this, the team targeted reporters in the health and wellness, technology, consumer goods, and lifestyle verticals, as well as engaged editorial contacts and influencers for generating product reviews in high-value media outlets.

“This is one of the coolest consumer tech products I have ever seen, and I think it will spark a new consumer tech trend. It reflects back to you while you meditate (hence the name), whether you’re reaching your highest state of relaxation. The goal is to achieve a glowing white orb, which lets you know that you’ve arrived at the pinnacle of a relaxed state biologically, as well as mentally and spiritually,” said April White, president and founder of Trust Relations. “Mental and emotional health and wellness have been top of mind for many dealing with heightened levels of anxiety throughout the pandemic. Companies like Reflect are providing real solutions to help people navigate and self-regulate their mental and emotional states during these times of uncertainty. We’re proud to be working with Noga and her team to showcase Reflect’s mental health and wellness solutions to the media, to help educate people on how they can better prioritize their mental health.”

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About Reflect
Founded in 2018, Reflect is a first-of-its-kind product, uniquely designed to leverage biofeedback technology to help customers achieve better holistic wellbeing. The Reflect Orb has become one of the most anticipated tech devices for health and wellness to launch in 2022. The Reflect Orb is a soft and comforting wellness companion that weaves together neuroscience and textile design. The Orb uses the power of biofeedback to enable users to bring awareness to their unconscious states and influence their reactions through various relaxation techniques. Additionally, the Orb is paired to the Reflect App which helps users track their progress on their wellness journey. With regular use, consumers learn how to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and achieve relaxation. Learn more at

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