Etactics Partners with Platinum System EHR to Simplify Chiropractic Claims

STOW, Ohio, March 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Etactics, an Ohio-based medical insurance claim clearinghouse innovator, announced their new partnership with Platinum System, a leading EHR software for Chiropractors. The partnership plans to address the two most common pain points that chiropractors face when working with a medical claims clearinghouse: customer service and eligibility integration. For more information on their partnership visit

Etactics is renowned for its superior customer service in an age where impersonal IVR and mysterious ticketing systems are prevalent. Etactics’ Vice President of EDI, Joe Ferrara, went on, “We’ve heard countless customer service horror stories from chiropractors across the United States. Etactics and Platinum want to change that by ensuring not only a hands-on customer service experience but also an onboarding process that requires hardly any involvement from the client.”

Healthcare eligibility verification integration isn’t always offered by clearinghouse vendors to chiropractors. Ferrara commented, “We believe that eligibility verification should be inherently built into an EHR offered to chiropractors. A move to Etactics is an integrated experience that includes access to our eligibility checking services.”

The new partnership between these two companies makes it easier for chiropractors, who are already utilizing Platinum System EHR, to switch to Etactics’ clearinghouse services since both companies are now integrated.

About Etactics: Etactics ( is a leading revenue cycle solutions organization committed to providing innovative, web-based solutions that improve clients’ revenue cycle management and patient experiences. Their products and services assist healthcare clients with improving their business processes, boost staff productivity, reduce expenses, increase compliance related efforts, and accelerate payment.

About Platinum System EHR: Platinum System EHR ( was created in 1986 and released its first Chiropractic management software in 1989 called Chiro-Logic.  Chiro-Logic’s technology and innovation made running the Chiropractic front desk much more efficient than ever before and was quickly being used by over 400 doctors.

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