HandsFree Health Launches Voice Assistant Dedicated To The Healthcare Market

WAYNE, Pa., March 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — HandsFree Health™, provides consumers with a fully integrated, personalized, and interactive health platform that enhances compliance and their health experience. HandsFree Health’s WellBe®, is a voice controlled virtual assistant, enabling consumers to personally manage their health from the comfort of their home.

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“HandsFree Health makes it easier for consumers to integrate healthcare into their daily lives with WellBe,” said Mike Cardillo, Co-Founder and President, HandsFree Health. “As more people add voice assistant technology to their homes, HandsFree Health empowers users to take control of their health in a secure and HIPAA compliant environment 24/7.”

Voice assistants are increasingly part of people’s daily lives with 275 million voice activated devices expected in homes by 2023.*  Our proprietary health platform places power with the individual; helping them to manage their health and wellness with their voice, engaging them for a specific purpose, and matching them with that information.

“HandsFree Health provides an interactive solution for consumers, employers, and health plans to access health decision makers at home,” said Dan Messina, Co-Founder, HandsFree Health. “HandsFree Health makes intelligently designed, fully integrated platforms that move employees and health plan members closer to compliance and optimal health.”

HandsFree Health combines WellBe’s unique virtual assistant with capabilities from industry-leading health and technology companies including Microsoft, Healthwise, Cerner, and PokitDot. The HandsFree Health executive team brings more than 150 years of healthcare experience to make managing health more convenient for consumers, employers, health plans and hospital systems.

To learn more about HandsFree Health™, visit: www.handsfreehealth.com 

Register for our webinar on March 21, 2019 at 10:00am EST to learn more about how HandsFree Health WellBe can:

  • Help reduce healthcare costs by increasing compliance and providing easy access to personalized and preventive health information
  • Tailor programs specific to a patient/employee/plan member’s needs
  • Provide benefit integration including medical and prescription information, plan information including pricing, national directories (provider search, assisted living facilities, long term care facilities, urgent care)
  • Support daily human resources functions including answering commonly asked benefit questions
  • Provide help with medication adherence through reminders and non-compliance alerts, appointment reminders, and help track blood pressure/sugar and weight
  • Provide reliable health information that is searchable by specific condition or procedure
  • Provide a comprehensive health and security service in one seamless solution for seniors and the disabled, including visually impaired individuals

To register for the webinar, visit: http://bit.ly/2Hi3z20

*Juniper Research, Digital Voice Assistants: Platforms, Revenues & Opportunities 2019-2023

Media contact: media@handsfreehealth.com
Sales contact: contactus@handsfreehealth.com

About HandsFree Health™
HandsFree Health™ is committed to creating health and wellness platforms that keep you and your loved ones on track to good health. We make intelligently designed, fully integrated platforms that move quality-conscious health and wellness consumers closer to compliance and optimal health. Individuals love the easy, streamlined support. Employers and healthcare systems value our products’ impact on consumer’s accountability, compliance, and awareness. HandsFree Health is the parent company for WellBe®. WellBe is the HandsFree Health virtual assistant that connects voice recognition technology with health expertise, keeping your health habits on track.

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