Holistic Medicine Practice In Brooklyn NY Announces New Website Launch

BROOKLYN, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 18, 2019 / Dr. Kamau Kokayi with Healing Health Services in Brooklyn, New York, has announced the redesign and launch of their new website. Healing Health Services focuses on holistic integrative medicine. A complete list of their services and therapies can be seen at https://www.healinghealthservices.com.

Dr. Kamau Kokayi, M.D. is a leading physician and the founder of Healing Health Services. As a trusted Brooklyn holistic doctor, Dr. Kokayi has been practicing for over 30 years in holistic integrative medicine. He says, “Modern medicine now needs to look at more than just the symptoms of a health issue. Our goal is to focus on every factor that could be contributing to disease. By treating the whole body, we have much higher rates of success for our patients.”

Dr. Kokayi says that many factors go into causing diseases and symptoms of diseases. He states that mental and emotional health, as well as a patient’s living and work environments can have an effect on their physical health and that all of these things need to be considered in diagnosing and treating a number of health concerns.

“From autoimmune disorders to common ailments,” says Dr. Kokayi, “We will explore how the patient’s physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well being are impacting their health and put them on the road to wellness.”

Dr. Kokayi states that the goal of his practice is to put their patient at the center of their treatment plan. He states that no two patients are alike, so no two treatments are alike. Treatment plans are developed for the individual patient, based on their unique circumstances. Dr. Kokayi states that this is the best plan of treatment for a wide range of medical concerns.

At his center for Holistic Medicine Brooklyn NY, Dr. Kokayi uses a number of methodologies to determine the root cause of medical issues, not simply to mask the symptoms. His expertise lies in homeopathic medicine and acupuncture, as well as the healing powers of integrative, combined with traditional medicine, which he uses to treat these root causes.

Holistic medicine has become very popular in the United States over the past decade. With more and more medical concerns coming to light, and the cost of traditional medicine skyrocketing, many patients have begun to look into more natural forms of healing for a number of health concerns. Consumers who have tried holistic medicines and therapies claim that they work just as well, if not better in some cases, as traditional medicine, without the need for pain medication and other expensive and ultimately unhealthy treatment methods.

Dr. Kokayi states that his newly designed website offers much more detailed information for those who are new to holistic medicine or who are researching this as an option for their health concerns. His website provides a number of posts that are designed to shed light on holistic medicine and how beneficial it can be for various medical issues.

The new website also includes insurance information for those who would like to learn if their insurance will cover treatment, as well as patient intake forms that can be downloaded and filled out prior to an office visit. Dr. Kokayi states that these forms make it much easier for first time patients and recommends that those visiting the office for the first time fill them out completely and bring them along for their first appointment.

Other information on the site includes a detailed look at the services offered by the doctor and his team and direct contact information for those who may have questions that need to be answered via phone or email. Dr. Kokayi has become very well known as a provider of holistic medicine Santa Monica CA and in New York. He states that those who have medical issues that they feel would be best treated through holistic methods can contact his office directly or use their online form to schedule an initial consultation. Clinic locations and directions can be found on the website.

For more information about Healing Health Services: Brooklyn, contact the company here:

Healing Health Services: Brooklyn
Dr. Kamau Kokayi
(347) 414-7779
41 Eastern Pkwy #1b Brooklyn, New York 11238

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