Hong Kong Chiropractors Find a Solution to Lower Back Pain

BERLIN, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / March 25, 2019 / Neck and back pain become an enormous international health crisis. The World Health Organization’s report shows that low back pain is the number one cause of global disability. Managing these conditions is a particular challenge and effective models of care must be intergraded.

World leading scientists and healthcare providers have met last week to discuss about the global burden of disability. The goal was to develop the approaches which are the best to help people who have spinal disorders. It was believe that the delivery of future healthcare is EPIC: evidence-based, people centric, inter-professional, and collaborative.

Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) have received World Spine Day Award in 2017. Drs Eric Chu, Vincent Chan, Albert Leung, Valerie Chu, Jeffrey Ng, and Lucina Ng, have been been worked in different task forces and developed the chiropractic profession of Hong Kong. Dr Eric Chun-Pu Chu, Chairman of the CDAHK, had released a subluxation based model to serve the core purpose in Berlin. He demonstrated how the model may be more advanced than the current mainstream models. He used New York Medical Group (NYMG) as a case study in EPIC.

E- Evidence Based: A subluxation model of healthcare focuses with the prevention care that could be reasonably be instituted in communities. Doctors of NYMG serves a majority of patients (60%) in prevention of disorders; 30% was the pain-based patients who refused for surgery; and 10% was the patient’s who has been given up by the traditional healthcare, such as the orphans disease. They are difficult to diagnose and treat. The subluxation model gives the opportunity to provide an alternative route. Their successful experiences are widely peer reviewed by the leading medical journals.

P- People Centric: Personal Health Manager (PHM) is integrated to work at patient’s best interest. The PHM can avoid the practitioner’s over-treatment and bias opinion. As most of the researches were disciplinary rooted, people centric can sometimes not supported by the research evidence. However, the PHM provides patient’s freedom to chose, which increases the patients’ satisfaction in healthcare.

I- Inter-professional: For non-surgical cases, chiropractor, psychiatrist, physiotherapist, and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners serve as the main treatments; and surgeons help to rule out the major pathology. For surgical cases, orthopedic and neurosurgeons serve as the main, all the rest of the team assist to provide them care.

C- Collaborative: Collaboration is not only limited to healthcare professionals, but also apply to the communities and other industries. We collaborate with the insurance, legal, and financial industry standard and ensure the quality of care is safe and cost effective.

The Hong Kong model has been praised by many spinal care leaders. Chiropractic colleges in UK, Spain, and Germany gave compliment of the model at the meeting. “It is our privilege to demonstrate the model in EPIC, which may be the best way to help people who have spinal disorders. We are also honored to receive numerous recognitions from global spinal experts ” said Eric Chu.



SOURCE: Chiropractic Doctors Association of Hong Kong

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