Alphacon Participates in the ‘Future Blockchain Summit’ in Dubai

  • The Ethereum of the healthcare industry in Korea, the worldwide blockchain industry takes interest in Alphacon
  • With the launch of the Alphacon Dapp, expansion of the real life coin usage ecosystem and global market penetration

SEOUL, South Korea, April 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — From April 2 to April 3, the blockchain-based healthcare data platform company, Alphacon Network Foundation participated in the ‘Future Blockchain Summit’ in Dubai, as a major partner of the Asian Forum, which drew attention from worldwide blockchain industry stakeholders.

Through the ‘Future Blockchain Summit’, the Alphacon Network Foundation has introduced the Alphacon ecosystem to the world and expanded the Alphacon ecosystem globally on its way to becoming the world’s best blockchain-based healthcare platform.

Alphacon unveiled its mobile application, which will be launched this month, and demonstrated the key features of the app onsite. Through the mobile application, DTC genomic analysis services, hair analysis services, and nutrition supplement products can be purchased. All of these products and services can be easily and quickly purchased using Alphacon ALP cryptocurrency. In addition, information such as introductions, locations, and contact information of offline affiliates of the Alphacon Network, such as hospitals, health clubs, etc. that accept the use of Alphacon ALP as payment can be checked.

Through this event, Alphacon successfully displayed how it is differentiated from other healthcare coins. In addition to being able to make payments as easily as cash in real life, Alphacon has drawn keen attention as it is conducting ICOs in Korea using Alphacon Mainnet coins as the key currency, instead of Ethereum or Bitcoin.

The ‘Future Blockchain Summit’ is the world’s largest global event organized by Smart Dubai and Dubai World Trade Centre, with 175 companies from 130 countries taking part this year. Dubai has declared that it will create a blockchain-based government system by 2020 and is drawing attention as it is rapidly nurturing related industries

Aaron Cai, General Manager at Tencent, Ahmad Nassar, President of the NFL Players Association, and various other highly influential luminaries attended the event to introduce blockchain technology and their various projects. This year, in particular, the Asia Forum was recently established to introduce projects and trends in the Asian region, which has emerged as a dominant player in the blockchain industry.

Alphacon CEO Siwon Hahm stated, “Participating in the ‘Future Blockchain Summit’, which is a gathering of global blockchain leaders, is very meaningful. In particular, as healthcare is an industry that is of high interest around the world, it is a service that is attractive to global markets. We plan to continue to introduce Alphacon to the world and give people the opportunity to experience our ecosystem.”

Alphacon plans to expand its number of partners that can accept Alphacon as payment for products and services to over 300 within this year. In addition, the company aims to establish itself as a key currency, surpassing Ethereum, through attracting investment, PR & marketing for outstanding projects in various fields beyond healthcare through the Alpha-Chain Project.

Alphacon Network Foundation

Alphacon Network Foundation is a blockchain-based healthcare platform that creates an ecosystem providing individuals the right to own healthcare data, as well as the right to exercise their authority in storage, distribution and use, ultimately providing users with optimal personalized health solutions. Data trading and healthcare advertising platforms and healthcare e-commerce enable ecosystem participation to be shared with ecosystem participants.

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