Blue Health Intelligence’s Whyzen Analytics is Helping Improve Employer-Sponsored Healthcare for Millions of Individuals Across the U.S.

CHICAGO, April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Eighteen months after launching its revolutionary employer analytics and reporting solution, Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI®) is providing healthcare insights for millions of individuals who receive health benefits through their employers. The solution, Whyzen Analytics, also has increased operational efficiencies and value by providing more actionable population health information to four large regional health plans.

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“With Whyzen, the days of time-consuming, cut-and-paste healthcare benefits report production are over,” said Swati Abbott, CEO of BHI. “Instead, Whyzen provides fully secure, on-demand analytics via mobile platforms and interactive dashboards. This enables health plans and employers to spend more time on what matters most – understanding cost, use, and outcomes trends, and identifying improvement opportunities.”

Whyzen also is being leveraged by health plans’ customers to better understand the cost and quality impacts of care management within different accounts. By simultaneously harnessing BHI’s complete data repository consisting of more than 190 million lives and 19 billion claims – data that are reported using common methodologies and refreshed monthly – Whyzen’s users can readily evaluate the performance of any customized narrow network and tap into powerful benchmarks to derive actionable recommendations for different member populations. 

“Thanks to our partnerships with four leading health plans and BHI’s sophisticated associative data model, employers finally have a comprehensive view of their employees’ use of HMO, PPO, and/or other healthcare products that are used by active and retired employees and their dependents,” said Mary Henderson, senior vice president at BHI. “By breaking down previous analytics barriers, Whyzen uniquely delivers population-level views so everyone can have an easily accessible and holistic view of the healthcare benefits experience. It’s why we are seeing such tremendous interest in the marketplace.”

By harnessing natural language generation technology, Whyzen provides users with the ability to hover over charts and tables and, with a mouse click, see full-text explanations of the underlying data. These findings also can be exported easily into Microsoft® PowerPoint or Adobe® PDF presentations. BHI’s use of advanced data visualization technology also makes focused information much more digestible and actionable. At the same time, the software-as-a-service product provides extensive drill-down capabilities for analytically minded professionals who need more granular analyses.

As BHI onboards new health plan customers in 2019, the company will leverage Whyzen’s flexible and customizable infrastructure to provide predictive analytics and prescriptive recommendations to:

  • Avoid admissions, readmissions, and emergency room visits
  • Use network services more effectively
  • Manage case management referrals
  • Use pharmaceuticals more appropriately
  • Reduce reoccurring or emerging high-cost claimants

About Blue Health Intelligence®

Leveraging the power of medical and pharmacy claims data from more than 190 million Americans, Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) delivers insights that empower healthcare organizations to improve patient care, reduce costs, and optimize performance. Our team of data analysts, clinicians, IT experts, and epidemiologists provide analytics, software-as-a-service, and in-depth consulting to healthcare stakeholders. Blue Health Intelligence is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and carries the trade name of Health Intelligence Company, LLC.


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