Emedgene Broadens Its NLP Capabilities With Automatic Evidence Retrieval From Genomics Literature

PALO ALTO, California, April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Emedgene, provider of a fully automated genetic interpretation platform, broadens its NLP capabilities with automatic evidence retrieval from genomics literature. The enhanced NLP-based text analytics solution delivers usable insights on top of standard search results, doing much of the heavy lifting for geneticists interpreting patient cases.

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“Google has moved beyond 10 blue links, with instant answers and knowledge cards. Our new NLP capabilities do the same in genomics,” explains Niv Mizrahi, Emedgene’s Co-founder & VP R&D. “For candidate variants, we select the single best piece of evidence from the literature. If the geneticist on the case wishes to investigate further, we generate insights from the literature in the context of a case, in addition to offering general search analytics.”

Analyzing literature is a critically important and time-consuming task for geneticists today. Emedgene’s knowledge base contains 5,500 unique genes with an associated disease, over 25,000 gene-disease connections and 40,000 genes. Much of this data is not available in public DBs and can be identified solely by reading the literature. 

With genomics knowledge growing exponentially, the challenge becomes separating the noise from the insights. Emedgene is taking a unique patient-focused approach which helps narrow down the results of the search to the most practical piece of evidence to share. This is achieved through a combination of NLP & machine learning algorithms that have been trained to understand the specific context of a case.

“To truly advance the field, we need cognitive AI approaches that bridge the knowledge gap, and empower labs to meet the growing demand for NGS tests,” says Einat Metzer, Emedgene’s CEO.

Emedgene will be demonstrating a variety of use cases for the novel NLP solution at ACMG in Seattle, Washington, April 3-5, booth #1229.

About Emedgene

Emedgene is the world’s first completely automated genetic interpretation platform, using AI to dramatically scale genetic interpretation. Clinical labs using Emedgene reduce time spent on interpretation and increase yield, and research organizations accelerate genomic discovery.

Read more at www.emedgene.com.

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