Workpath Integrates Lyft Technology to Improve On-Demand Care Dispatching

RICHMOND, Va., April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Workpath, a technology company that provides healthcare organizations with the tools and transparency to dispatch healthcare labor to patient homes or healthcare facilities, announced today that it has integrated Lyft into its platform. The Lyft integration provides Workpath users with the ability to quickly arrange transportation for healthcare labor via Lyft to perform medical appointments. The enhanced platform with Lyft integration can now be used to help healthcare specialists deliver care for a variety of medical needs, such as phlebotomy, home health, dialysis, infusion services, and any form of care that can be delivered outside of the four walls of a traditional medical setting.

“While Workpath’s solution is designed to help healthcare organizations identify the proper labor resources for their patients and ensure they are receiving accurate, timely care at the most convenient place, our integration with Lyft brings care and patient access full circle. We’re thrilled to be able to offer the ease and convenience of Lyft for secure, convenient transportation to appointments,” said Eddie Peloke, CEO of Workpath.

As healthcare organizations continue to adapt and treat patients as consumers, many are finding that they don’t have the processes in place to manage this evolution. Prior to the Workpath platform, seamlessly dispatching and managing healthcare services on-demand — ranging from services on a medical campus or at a patient’s location of choice — was a manual process. Workpath’s HIPAA-compliant platform remedies this challenge by providing healthcare organizations with a way to centralize their work opportunities and automatically send the most qualified healthcare labor to each appointment.

“Today, health organizations are increasingly operating in an on-demand market that requires them to quickly and efficiently dispatch healthcare labor to convenient locations,” said Peloke. “This is a tremendous challenge for healthcare organizations working to deliver a quality experience for the patient on top of managing logistics, traffic, parking, and preparing for the appointment. Our integration with Lyft makes it possible to give Workpath customers a more manageable solution. The healthcare labor responsible for delivering care are no longer forced to contend with mileage, parking, and other obstacles that can lead to late or missed appointments. Healthcare organizations can simply order their healthcare labor transportation via Lyft to the appointment they service. The employee’s arrival time is guaranteed, and the healthcare organization has a fixed rate for travel. It’s a win-win for everyone.” 

Industries currently leveraging Workpath’s intelligence include health systems, home health agencies, phlebotomy labor providers, insurance examiners, nursing organizations, diagnostic laboratories, and other healthcare leaders. Organizations that use Workpath to dispatch and track their appointments and shifts realize operational efficiencies, including a 90.17 percent reduction in the time it takes from receiving an order to identifying a healthcare specialist to dispatch. By leveraging the Workpath platform, healthcare specialists accept appointments 97.31 percent of the time without any manual intervention from an operations or call center team member. On average, appointments are accepted within one minute of the appointment being created in the Workpath platform. Appointment compliance has soared due to Workpath’s technology. On average, 99.95 percent of appointments scheduled through Workpath are completed without cancellation or being rescheduled from lack of coverage. This vastly improves turnaround time, efficiency, and patient experiences.

About Workpath:
Workpath builds intelligent technologies that help healthcare organizations and other specialized industries send work opportunities to their employees and vendors with ease. The HIPAA-compliant platform schedules, dispatches, and manages teams of all sizes. Workpath helps healthcare organizations simplify and connect. Become more digital, yet more human.

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