KCIC Announces Publication of Asbestos Litigation: 2018 Year in Review Report

WASHINGTON, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — KCIC, a Washington, DC-based consultancy, today announced the release of its fourth annual Asbestos Litigation: 2018 Year in Review report, which provides an in-depth analysis of asbestos-related personal injury through year end 2018. 

This is the fourth year that KCIC has published this report and it is the most comprehensive to date. The 2018 analysis gives a detailed look at how asbestos litigation has changed over the years and provides insights into the trends currently driving this litigation.  The report analyzes statistics based on disease, jurisdiction, and plaintiff firm, while also diving into alternative exposure types and looking at filings by gender, resident state, etc.  KCIC has also included a detailed look at the effects of personal jurisdiction rulings and bankruptcy trust transparency legislation, while also diving into talc litigation, alternative exposures, and other trends to forecast the future of this litigation.

Megan Shockley, Senior Manager at KCIC, said, “We are constantly mining our complaint data for trends and it’s always exciting to share this information. We hope that by keeping abreast of these trends, we can help our clients make more informed strategic decisions to better manage their liabilities.”

The report, which was previewed at this year’s Perrin Cutting-Edge Issues in Asbestos Litigation Conference in March, is now available for download.  This year, the company will also be presenting the information via webinar for a more in-depth dive into the data.

For more information on KCIC or to download the Asbestos Litigation: 2018 Year in Review report, please visit www.kcic.com/asbestos.  For inquiries or to join the webinar to be held on May 2, 2019, please contact Megan Shockley at shockleym@kcic.com.

About KCIC

KCIC is a technology and consulting firm that helps companies manage products liabilities by providing a full range of financial, strategic and operational services.  Bringing decades of industry knowledge and technical expertise, KCIC leads the industry not only in claims administration, but also in insurance policy analysis and archaeology, liability forecasting, insurer billing and allocation, credit analysis, expert reporting, and other custom solutions. 

KCIC does its best work when partnering with clients to combine leading-edge technology and consulting expertise to create innovative solutions.  The combination of experience and technical capability provides clients a full understanding of their liability data and insurance coverage, and allows them to make better, more strategic decisions.


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