CENTOGENE Launches CentoMetabolic(TM) Panel for Integrated Multiomic Testing for Metabolic Diseases

Combining genetic and biochemical testing to provide the most comprehensive screening for rare metabolic conditions

ROSTOCK and BERLIN, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / April 10, 2019 / CENTOGENE today announced the launch of CentoMetabolicTM, a first-line test for the widest range of rare genetic metabolic diseases. By combining genetic and biochemical testing, CentoMetabolicTM allows for immediate confirmation, and for many diagnoses a better understanding of the course of the disease, enhanced treatment monitoring, and tailored treatment guidance.

The differential diagnosis of a suspected genetic disorder often requires the analysis of multiple genes, for example conditions that show similar or overlapping phenotypes. CentoMetabolicTM includes as many as 166 genes. The panel was developed specifically for patients suspected to have a metabolic disorder or presenting complex, overlapping symptoms, a metabolic crisis or neurological conditions of unknown etiology. CentoMetabolicTM provides short turn-around-times targeting critically ill patients, and includes enzyme-activity testing where applicable, and a proprietary selection of biomarkers that is continually updated.

“The introduction of CentoMetabolicTM is a natural extension of our global knowledge and expertise, as it provides physicians and their patients with the confidence that they are receiving an accurate diagnosis of their suspected genetic metabolic condition,” said Dr. Arndt Rolfs, CEO and founder of CENTOGENE. “Our rapid testing coupled with our unparalleled experience in metabolic disease genetics may put patients on the path to more immediate medical management, in particular in NICU or PICU, which is at the heart of CENTOGENE -reducing patients’ diagnostic odyssey and creating new hope for our patients and their families.”


CENTOGENE is a rare disease company focused on transforming clinical, genetic, and biochemical data into medical solutions for patients. We are focused on bringing rationality to treatment decisions and accelerating the development of new orphan drugs by using our knowledge of the global rare disease market, including our epidemiological and clinical heterogeneity, and our innovative biomarkers.

As one of the largest rare disease companies worldwide, CENTOGENE is dedicated to transforming the science of genetic information into solutions and creating hope for our patients with rare diseases and their families. www.centogene.com


Ross Bethell
Director, Corporate Communications


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